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Please pay attention to the following matters after you have been accepted to study in Lapland UAS and you are transferring from open UAS to Lapland UAS as a degree student:


  1. Open UAS’ username and student number expire when the right to study ends in Open University of applied sciences. After the username expires it is not possible to log in to systems (for example email, Moodle, K-drive, One Drive) and access to information and documents. Students have to take care by themselves to save needed information and documents before the right to study ends in Open UAS.
  2. It is possible to relocate the files saved (K-drive and Moodle) while using Open UAS’ username to under new degree student’s username. For this you have to contact Servicedesk and eLearning BEFORE you log in to systems using your new degree student’s username.
  3. When starting the studies as a degree student you have to enroll for study modules in Peppi using your new username by yourself if the enrollment is still on or you can contact your student affairs office of your own educational unit or the teacher in charge of the study module if the enrollment period has ended.
  4. When you have been accepted to study in UAS apply for credit transfer completed in open UAS. You can find the form from Lapland UAS’ webpage; students – study guide
  5. You can get transcript of academic records for the student card, discounts, study grant etc. from your student affairs office of your educational unit.