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Applying for scholarships and achievement awards of Lapland UAS

Applying instructions and criteria of the award will be announced with the application. Achievement awards of scientific, artistic or common-good achievements are granted afterwards. Scholarships for tuition fees are usually granted in advance.

Applicant will receive a decision to the address given in the application. Scholarships and awards granted for tuition fees, scientific research or for artistic purposes are generally tax-free income. (Ohje: vero.fi)


Scholarship fund of Lapland UAS

The scholarship fund of Lapland UAS supports the studies of the Lapland UAS students, applied research or artistic activity.
The scholarship fund receives donations and funds from testaments and grants scholarships and awards for studies and artistic activities. Donations for the scholarship fund of Lapland UAS can be named by the benefactor, if the benefactor wishes so. These named donations will be supervised separately in the fund.

The rector of Lapland University of Applied Sciences is responsible for selecting the recipients of the achievement award on the basis of proposals made by the university’s Scholarship Committee. The Scholarship Committee follows the conditions set by the benefactor.

Achievement awards can be given to deserving students without a separate application or made available to students. Achievement awards are mainly granted twice a year at the end of the semester.

Scholarships are announced to be applied in the Lapland UAS website and can be applied throughout the year.


Open for applications now

Kemijoki Oy Scholarship

Are you working on a UAS thesis looking at the special characteristics, vitality and development perspectives of the northern operating environment? The Kemijoki Oy scholarship fund awards grants annually to students of Lapland University of Applied Sciences.

In awarding the scholarship, Kemijoki Oy considers the following aspects:

• The thesis takes into account the northern operating environment.
• The thesis has a connection to business.
• The topic of the thesis relates to well-being at work.
• The thesis takes into account the principles of sustainability.
• The thesis has resulted in business activities or a startup.
• The thesis is multi-professional/multidisciplinary and has been prepared in cooperation with students of different fields.
• The grade of the thesis is also significant.

Please note that the thesis does not have to fulfil all the above-mentioned criteria.

Application period: 10 December 2019–15 May 2020

Submit an informal grant application and the finished thesis (or a Theseus link) with its assessment statement by e-mail to stipenditharmaasähköposti.jpg

Kemijoki Oy

Kemijoki Oy is the most important producer of hydropower and regulating power in Finland.
Approximately half of the renewable electric energy in Finland is hydropower, and we produce one third of it.
We operate as an expert and commissioner organization of hydropower production. Our most important goal is to produce hydropower for our stakeholders reliably and cost-effectively.

Lappset Group Oyj Scholarship

Lappset Group supports the activities of the Lapland University of Applied Sciences by granting student scholarships and achievement awards. The intention is to encourage students to seek employment in the commercial sector and international business. The scholarships are part of the 50th anniversary of the Lappset Group and the company's policy of social responsibility and university cooperation.

Lappset has donated two thousand euros to the Scholarship Fund of the Lapland University of Applied Sciences to be distributed to successful students of various fields of study. As the scholarship benefactor, Lappset would like to see the €500 scholarships awarded to academic achievers studying the fields of business, sports or physiotherapy and/or technology, and awarded as recognition for a successfully concluded graduate thesis conducted in conjunction with a bachelor’s or master’s degree from the Lapland University of Applied Sciences.

The scholarship can be awarded to a student whose graduate thesis provides significant improvements for business, for example, by creating a new business model, innovating a new business idea, advancing an existing business process, or otherwise producing data that directly serves the commercial sector.

Achievement award encourages globalisation

Wide-ranging language skills and cultural awareness are key elements for succeeding on the global markets. With this is mind, Lappset wants to encourage students with this special award for achievement awarded by the Lapland University of Applied Sciences for students who demonstrate skills in globalisation and hold wide-ranging proficiency in languages.

The achievement award for globalisation can be awarded to students who, in their own activities and studies, have broadly and actively promoted preparedness for business that supports globalisation, such as international skills in communication, interaction and networking, and in their studies have focused on learning at least three different languages, thereby ensuring a sound foundation for operating in international business or organisations.

Using this achievement award, Lappset would particularly like to highlight the importance of the Swedish language as a part of a versatile combination of language skills. Proficiency in Swedish is of special importance within our region, as it opens doors to our western neighbour of Sweden and to other Nordic nations.

The rector of Lapland University of Applied Sciences is responsible for selecting the recipients of the achievement award on the basis of proposals made by the university’s Scholarship Committee.

Submit an informal grant application by e-mail to stipenditharmaasähköposti.jpg on 15 May 2020 at the latest.

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