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Applying for scholarships and achievement awards of Lapland UAS

Applying instructions and criteria of the award will be announced with the application. Achievement awards of scientific, artistic or common-good achievements are granted afterwards. Scholarships for tuition fees are usually granted in advance.

Applicant will receive a decision to the address given in the application. Scholarships and awards granted for tuition fees, scientific research or for artistic purposes are generally tax-free income. (Ohje: vero.fi)


Scholarship fund of Lapland UAS

The scholarship fund of Lapland UAS supports the studies of the Lapland UAS students, applied research or artistic activity.
The scholarship fund receives donations and funds from testaments and grants scholarships and awards for studies and artistic activities. Donations for the scholarship fund of Lapland UAS can be named by the benefactor, if the benefactor wishes so. These named donations will be supervised separately in the fund.

The rector of Lapland University of Applied Sciences is responsible for selecting the recipients of the achievement award on the basis of proposals made by the university’s Scholarship Committee. The Scholarship Committee follows the conditions set by the benefactor.

Scholarships and achievement awards can be given to deserving students without a separate application or made available to students. Scholarships and achievement awards are mainly granted twice a year at the end of the semester.

Scholarships and achievement awards are announced to be applied in the Lapland UAS website and can be applied throughout the year.


Students of Lapland University of Applied Sciences can apply for a grant to carry out development tasks or projects related to their studies. The autumn 2022 and spring 2023 scholarship will focus on the following themes: safety, wellbeing of children and young, energy transition and European green deal.

Grants can be applied for, for example, for materials, acquisition of materials, travel expenses, reporting and publication costs.

The result of the work done with the grant must be public and applicable to the wider context.

The scholarship applicant can be a student or a group of students who receive credits for their work on the scholarship.

Scholarships are applied for sending an application form. The project or research plan needs to be attached to the application. QR-koodin kuva

Application times:

1.11.2022 - 30.11.2022
1.1.2023 - 15.5.2023.

The maximum amount of the grant to be awarded is 500-1000 euros / application. The annual maximum of grants is approximately 3000 - 3500 eur.

The rector of Lapland University of Applied Sciences decides on the recipients of the grant on the basis of a proposal from the Scholarship committee. Applications are evaluated for the relevance of the project or research plan to the themes of the application, innovation, feasibility and effectiveness.

The output or report resulting from the work done will be sent to kirjaamo@lapinamk.fi. The grant can be recovered if the work is not completed as planned.

Open for application now

Kemijoki Oy Scholarship Fund

Are you working on a UAS thesis looking at the special characteristics, vitality and development perspectives of the northern operating environment? The Kemijoki Oy scholarship fund awards grants annually to students of Lapland University of Applied Sciences.

The criteria for achievement award are:

- Thesis observes the Northern operational environment
- Thesis involves digitalization or data-analytics perspective
- Thesis supports the promotion of common well-being
- Thesis observes Sustainable Development Goals by United Nations (UN)
- There is business or a start-up created by the bases of the thesis
- Thesis is multi professional and/or done by students from different study programs.
- Also the grade of the thesis has value in criteria.

Please note that the thesis does not have to fulfil all the above-mentioned criteria.

Application period:  1st November 2022  to 15 May 2023. 

Submit an informal online grant application and the finished thesis (or a Theseus link) with its assessment statement. Please notice that incomplete information in the application may lead to the rejection of the application. QR-koodin kuva

The rector of Lapland University of Applied Sciences is responsible for selecting the recipients of the achievement award on the basis of proposals made by the Kemijoki Oy's Scholarship Committee. The achievement awards will be presented to the recipients at a later event to be announced in May or June 2021.

Kemijoki Oy

Kemijoki Oy is the most important producer of hydropower and regulating power in Finland. 
Approximately half of the renewable electric energy in Finland is hydropower, and we produce one third of it. 
We operate as an expert and commissioner organization of hydropower production. Our most important goal is to produce hydropower for our stakeholders reliably and cost-effectively.