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Grants and terms


Lapland UAS students have the possibility to apply grants for their exchange. Students can apply for Lapland UAS’ travel grant and/or programme-specific grant. The grants are applied in SoleGRANT- programme. For making the grant application, you need to have the acceptance letter from the host University/approved learning agreement form. Information and terms mentioned in this page are valid in both travel grant and programme-specific grants.

  • For receiving the grants the duration of the study exchange period must be 3 months minimum and accumulate 5 ECTS / month and the duration of the practical training Exchange must be 2 months minimum and accumulate 5 ECTS / month. The grant does not cover all the expenses of the exchange, so be prepared to use your own assets. Remember to prepare the exchange carefully and well in advance!
  • Grant applications must be filled electrically and with care so that all sections are filled properly. You need to have a Finnish bank-account number and it must be in IBAN-form. You also need to have the Finnish social security number. 
  • The grant must be applied at least four (4) weeks prior to the beginning of the exchange. The grant is paid in 14 days from the delivery of all necessary documents which are correctly filled. Deliver all required documents in time, because grants will not be granted afterwards.
  • Erasmus study exchange (= studying in Europe in a Lapland UAS’ partner university) and Erasmus training exchange (= training in Europe) is supported with Erasmus grants and Lapland UAS' travel grant.
  • Training outside Europe: Students can find their training places by themselves outside Europe. This kind of training abroad is for all students (despite of residence permit status or citizenship) and supported with travel grant and training grant. The training grant will not be paid for exchange in student's home country outside Europe.
  • Application forms are found: forms

    If you receive the grant you are committed to:

    1. use the grant only to cover the expenses of travelling, living, lodging and language training during your period of study or training abroad.
    2. adhere the compiled study plan while abroad (= Learning agreement).
    3. familiarize yourself with the international exchange guidelines before travelling abroad.
    4. take care of all needed permits, insurances and vaccinations yourself.
    5. to perform as Lapland UAS’ representative and present your institution during your study or training exchange.
    6. deliver all needed forms and reports from the exchange as instructed and in time. You allow your study/training report to be published also in Lapland UAS’ web pages.
    7. pay back all or part of your grant if you interrupt or terminate your studies abroad or if you do not deliver all required documents to the International Services on time. 


  • Lapland UAS is obliged to inform the tax authorities in Finland all the students who have received exchange grants in total 1000,00 € or more during one year. Students must inform the grants they have received in the tax return.


Grant Chart

Exchange programme Application periods Studying / Training Grants Grant amount €
Erasmus Spring
Studying and training  



450 /exchange

Freemover ongoing, apply the grant  
1 month in advance

* Training outside Europe, not to student's home country. For training in student's home country the travel grant is 450 €.

** Group 2 countries 2019-2020 grants for study exchange 360 €/month, for training 480 €/month:

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. 

** Group 1 countries 2019-2020 for study exchange 420 €/month, for training 540 €/month:

Denmark, Iceland, Ireland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom.

*** Additional grant for students with under-aged children going for study  exchange 200 €/month Precondition for the grant is that student is the guardian of under-aged children living in the same household. For training exchange additional grant for students with under-aged children is possible only when student is not receiving top-up (100 €) for traineeship. Please contact the International Services.

For Erasmus+ training in summer 2020 the grants are based on the 2019-2020 Erasmus+ grants. Thats´s why the amount of the grant can be different than on the 2020-2021 Erasmus+ period.

Lapland UAS’ travel grant 

  • International degree programme students who do not have a Finnish citizenship or do not have a permanent residency have the possibility to receive the grant twice for study exchange and/or practical training exchange. Study exchange must take place in our European partner university.
  • If you go for another exchange directly from your first exchange you are entitled to apply the travel grant if the following exchange is in another country. If you travel back home between the exchanges you are entitled to apply the travel grant even if the second exchange is in the same country as your first one.

The amount of Lapland UAS travel grant in 2020 is:

  • Nordic Countries, Europe, Russia (near-by areas), student's home country 450 €
  • America, Asia, other continents 1000 €
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