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The SoleMOVE system has been designed to support the processes of the international exchange.
Every student going abroad must fill in the SoleMOVE application. To log in to the SoleMOVE student uses the same username and password when logging in to school computers. 

The SoleMOVE application must be filled in and submitted as soon as a student has received an acceptance confirmation and a signed learning agreement from the host university/organisation. Student must fill in the application also to get grants.

The SoleMOVE system is designed also for returning necessary forms after the exchange period. For more information about the system and how to fill in the application, please see the links below or ask help from the international coordinator or the international office. 

SoleMOVE - Programme

SoleMOVE - Instructions for searching Exchange Destinations and Feedback
SoleMOVE - Instructions for Outgoing Student Exchange
SoleMOVE - Instructions for Outgoing Placement
SoleGRANT - Instructions for grant application for studying and training abroad

Data protection

Data protection is a concern that is taken into account in all of the Lapland UAS’s work. More information about the processing personal data you can find from the privacy notice of SoleMOVE and SoleGRANT. Lapland UAS´ data protection webpages you can find from here.


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