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Training exchange outside Europe

  • Students search the training place themselves but you can also ask about the places from the International Services.
  • You can also freely familiarize yourself with the feedbacks of the earlier exchanges to find good tips for the exchange! The feedbacks can be found in SoleMOVE -> Destinations Abroad and Feedback.
  • You can find training places also for example in different companies, private and public organizations, universities, foundations, non-governmental organizations.
  • See also: www.oph.fi and www.mol.fi and ErasmusIntern.org
Who can go to the training exchange outside Europe?
  • All degree students of Lapland UAS can apply for training exchange outside Europe.
  • Students can receive Lapland UAS Training Grant several times during their studies.
  • The exchange period is 2 months (= 60 days) minimum and the maximum length 6 months.
  • During the exchange students have to gain 5 ECTS credits /month.
  • Training abroad will be transferred to student’s degree as agreed on the learning agreement.
  • You can apply for Lapland UAS Training Grant for the training exchange outside Europe
  • The amount of the Lapland UAS Training Grant is based on the duration of the exchange (300€/month, maximum 6 months). 
  • In addition you can apply for Lapland UAS Travel Grant 1000,00 €.
  • Grants will not be enough to cover all the expenditures – it is very likely that during the exchange students have to use their own assets as well!
  • Check also from KELA if you can get some grants from there.
Application Deadlines for training outside Europe
  • Training exchange outside Europe does not have a specific applying date so you can implement it when it is the most suitable for your studies.
  • However, you should start planning for the exchange in time:
  1. Familiarize yourself to the Lapland UAS’s Going abroad –web pages.
  2. Discuss with your Study councellor on the timing and the possibility of training abroad.
  3. Contact the International services for guidance.
    • The purpose of the guidance is to go through the exchange process and all the required forms, timetables and Learning Agreement for Traineeship for the exchange.
  4. All required exchange documents are delivered to the International Services.
    • Please keep in mind that you need to return all required exchange documents/grant applications one month before the training period the latest.
Exchange Process

Before the exchange

  1. Book well in advance counselling with the International Services.
  2. Discuss with your training instructor about the training place’s suitability.
  3. Write the:
    • Learning Agreement for Traineeships. Training Agreement will be signed by you, the study councellor/training instructor, the international services and the training destination/institution. All signatures must be found in the agreement but it can be handed around as a scan. 
    • If needed, make a separate contract of employment (Must show the amount of possible salary, CV etc. the possible documents required by the employer or the field of your study.
  4. Fill all needed forms by computer, ask the required signatures and deliver forms and documents to the International services for review.
  5. Fill in the electronic SoleMOVE -application.
  6. After International Services has accepted your exchange in SoleMOVE:
    • Confirm the exchange in SoleMOVE and then apply for Lapland UAS Training Grant and Lapland UAS Travel Grant in SoleGRANT programme by making one application. Remember to write your IBAN bank account number and Finnish social security number!
    • Upload approved Learning Agreement for Traineeships SoleGRANT to Enclosures interleaf.
  7. Familiarize yourself with the Exchange Student’s Check List, get insurances for the exchange, familiarize yourself with the exchange destination and prepare yourself well for the trip!


During the exchange

  • Read your Lapland UAS email! All communication from home university takes place through Lapland UAS’s email!
  • Contact the International Services if you face problematic situations during your exchange. We are delighted to hear your positive experiences as well.
  • Exchange must not be discontinued or terminated earlier without discussing the matter with the International Services.

After the exchange

  • Before leaving ask the employer for a signed Traineeship Certificate. It is a confirmation of your exchange period/dates and based on the document, students can be asked to pay back some part of the grant if needed.
  • Return the Traineeship Certificate to SoleMOVE.
  • In SoleMOVE, fill out the required information in the After exchange interleaf and Feedback interleaf.
  • Start the credit transfer process:
  1. Contact your practical training supervisor in the faculty.
  2. After you can see your practical training credits done abroad in Peppi, request your Transcript of Records through Peppi.  
  3. Upload your Transcript of Records -form to After exchange interleaf in SoleMOVE.
All needed forms for Training exchange outside Europe are mentioned above. You can find forms here. Before filling in, save the form to your computer.