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Health Africa


Health Africa- practical training exchange is performed through the Health Africa network. The target countries are Kenya and Uganda.

Health Africa network and Health Africa Development Co-operation Organisation HADCO is the third sector non-profit organisation. It has eight applied sciences as member, including Lapland UAS. The general goal of the organisation is to maintain, to support and to develop cooperation between Uganda, Kenya and Finland.
The students of the health care and social services can apply for the Health Africa programme. The application period is in general in the spring once a year. It is possible to apply for the Lapland UAS travel grant and training grant for the exchange. Please notice that you can’t receive the grant for training in your home country.
The network chooses students for the following autumn and for the spring on the basis of the application. The target countries are Kenya and Uganda. About 8-10 students per the country per a term is chosen for the programme.
For the students are arranged two orientation days before the exchange. In the orientation are gone through practice arrangements and matters which are related to safety and health. The duration of the practical training exchange is 90 days. During the training students will practice in 2-5 different training places.