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Erasmus+ Student mobility for study

Erasmus+ Student Mobility for Study Programme is one of the biggest student mobility programmes and it enables students to have a grant for the exchange in European partner universities.

For most part Lapland UAS’ partnership/cooperation agreements are degree programme based, which means that only students of that specific programme can be sent there. Our interest is to secure the usability of the exchange studies for student’s study plan and to support the fluent progress in studies during the exchange.


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Who can apply?
  • All degree students of Lapland UAS can apply to Erasmus+ exchange if they have completed their first year studies = 60 ECTS credits.

  • Students can mainly apply for one semester at a time.

  • The minimum duration of the exchange is 2 months (= 60 days), and the maximum 12 months.

  • During the exchange, students must gain at least 5 ECTS credits /month.

  • The completed credits will be fully included into the student's degree at Lapland UAS according to the learning agreement.

  • There is no tuition fees.

  • Student can carry out several study and training periods abroad during his/her studies and have the Erasmus+ grant for 12 months in total.


Erasmus+ grant is based on the duration and the exchange country and the number of exchange students. The grant will be paid in two installments, before (80%) and after (20%) the exchange.

The Erasmus+ grants for the acedemic year 2021-2022 are:

  • 470 €/month to group 1 countries: Denmark, Iceland, Ireland, Lichtenstein, Luxembourg, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom.

  • 420 €/month to group 2 countriesAustria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

In addition students can apply for a Lapland UAS travel grant.

Grants are applied in SoleGRANT system, which can be accessed via SoleMOVE. To submit the grant application, you must have:

  • Accepted and confirmed exchange application in SoleMOVE 
  • Acceptance letter from the host university
  • Learning Agreement for Studies document signed by all three parties (a student, a home institution and a host institution)
  • Grant Agreement for Erasmus+ Higher Education studies and/or traineeships (fill out and attach to the application enclosures)

Please note that the grants will not cover all the expenses of the exchange – it is very likely that during the exchange student will have to use their own assets as well! If you have a Finnish citizenship or permanent residence permit (status A) and you are eligible to get KELA grants please contact KELA for more information concerning the grants for studying abroad.

Application Period

Erasmus+ application period for the autumn semester is 1.2.-1.3. and for the spring semester 1.9.-1.10. Start planning the exchange a good time in advance:

  1. Familiarize yourself to the Lapland UAS web pages on going abroad and exchange destinations.

  2. Contact the International Services for a guidance:

    • The purpose of the guidance is to find the most suitable exchange university, to go through the exchange process and required forms, timetables and Learning Agreement. 

  3. Discuss with the Study councellor about the timing and the studies of the Exchange.
  4. All required exchange documents are delivered to the International Services and all communication between the exchange university and Lapland UAS happens via International Services.

International Services Contact Information

Erasmus+ Exchange Process

Before the exchange

  1. Book an appointment for counselling with the International Services, well in advance before the application deadline.

  2. Check the exchange university’s courses with the Study councellor.

  3. Fill the Learning Agreement (LA). LA will be signed by the Study councellor and the international services.  

  4. Make your SoleMOVE application

  5. Fill the application forms of the exchange university and have all required appendices (for example passport copy, passport photos, motivation letter, CV).

  6. Download the transcript of records in English from Peppi.

  7. Fill the forms electronically, ask the required signatures and deliver the forms and documents to the international services for review.

  8. Apply for the Erasmus+ Grant for Student Exchange and the Lapland UAS Travel Grant in SoleGRANT programme by making one application. 

  9. Make the OLS- online language test before your Exchange if you communicate at the study exchange in the following languages: EN, IT, FR, DE, ES, NL, BL, CR, CZ, DK, EE, GR, HU, LV, LT, ML, PO, PT, RO, SK, SL, SE, Irish Gaelic.   

  • It's an online test. You will receive the invitation email after which you can make the test whenever you like within 2 weeks. 
  • It takes about one hour to take the test. The test includes listening comprehension, reading comprehension and grammar. You will receive the results directly after the test.
  • Taking the language test is required in order to receive the Erasmus grants. Information on language test.

    10. Familiarize yourself with the Exchange Student’s Check List and the exchange destination and prepare yourself well for the trip! 

During Erasmus+ Exchange

  • Usually students make small changes to their studies. Always discuss with the study councellor about the possible changes to make sure that they are applicable for your studies.

  • Changing your study plans requires ALWAYS a document Changes to the original learning agreement. For this document remember to have the signatures from the exchange university and scan it to International Services (international@lapinamk.fi).

  • Read your Lapland UAS email! All communication from home university takes place through Lapland UAS’ email!

  • Contact the International Services if you face problematic situations during your exchange.

  • Exchange must not be discontinued or terminated earlier without discussing the matter with the International Services.

  • Retake the OLS language test. The invitation to do the second language test will be send to the student 15 days before your exchange ends.

After Erasmus+ Exchange

  1. Before leaving ask the host institution for a signed Letter of Confirmation (Recognition Outcomes - The Receiving Institution form page 1) and return it to SoleMOVE immediately after the exchangeAlso fill out the EU Survey, to which you will automatically receive a link to your email. These two are a confirmation of your exchange dates and based on that students will receive the rest of the Erasmus+ grant.

    Students whose credit transfer process is incomplete when answering for the EU Survey, will receive EU Survey 2 automatically after one month of the last day of the exchange. EU Survey 2 is not condition for receiving the rest of the Erasmus+ grant.

  2. In SoleMOVE fill out the After exchange interleaf and Feedback interleaf.

  3. Host university sends the Transcript of Records to Lapland UAS’ International Services. International Services informs when you can pick up the transcript of records and start the credit transfer process. If you receive it personally, you must download the Transcript to SoleMOVE.

  4. Start the credit transfer process: 
    1. Contact your study councellor and start the credit transfer process electronically in Peppi by making Inclusion application.
    2. After international studies has been accepted in Peppi and you can see your credits done abroad in there, donwload your Transcript of Records through Peppi.    
    3. Upload your Transcript of Records -form to After exchange interleaf in SoleMOVE. 
Forms for Erasmus+ Exchange
All needed forms for Erasmus Student Exchange are mentioned above in italicization. You can find forms here. Before filling in, save the form to your computer.
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