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Bilateral Study exchange

Bilateral Study Exchange is in Australia, Japan, China, India, Mexico, Argentina and Republic of Korea. Exchange destination university has a bilateral agreement with Lapland UAS or other university coordinating the exchange.

Who can apply?

Every Lapland UAS' Degree Programme students, who has Finnish citizenship or permanent Residence Permit, has a possibility to apply bilateral study exchange. For applying bilateral study exchange it is important to notice that the bilateral agreements are mainly study field specific or bilateral partner university offers courses only for a specific study field, thus we can only send specific study field students there.

You can apply for one semester at a time.The duration of the study period must be at least 3 months and accumulate 5 ECTS / month. The length of the exchange is usually same that the semester in bilateral partner university.

Application Deadline

Application period for autumn semester is 15.2-1.4 and for spring semester in October. Possibility to apply Lapland UAS study and travel grant.

You should start preparing for the exchange in good time in advance. First check out the possible destinations and then contact to International Services. International Coordinator will help you with the exchange destination, exchange process, forms and timetables.

Exchange Destinations

Lapland UAS' bilateral study exchange destinations are listed below. Click on the name of the country you want and you can get instructions for applying to the destination.

  • Argentina
    - Business Studies in Latin America (Business & Tourism)

  • Australia
    - Australian Catholic University (all study fields)

  • China
    - Beijing International Studies University (Business)
    - Shanghai Institute of Health Sciences (Nursing & Physiotherapy + placements)
    - Peking Union Medical Hospital, Nursing Department (Nursing + placements)
    - China Exchange Program (Business)
    - Shanghai Finance University, SFU (Business)

  • India
    - Dayananda Sagar Institutions (Health Care + placements)
    - Institute for Higher Education, IILM (Business)

  • Japan
    - Tokyo Denki University (Technology)
    - Kagawa University (Technology + placements)
    - Akita University (Technology & Business)
    - University of Hokkaid (Technology, Agriculture, Forestry)
  • Mexico
    - Universidad de Monterrey UDEM (all study fields)

  • Republic of Korea
    - AJOU University (Business)
    - Yeungnam University (Business)