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studying abroad

Lapland UAS students have the possibility of completing part of their studies abroad in one of the Lapland UAS’ partner universities. Some of the Lapland UAS’ partner universities and exchange programs are field-specific, thus they are only for students of certain study field. Lapland UAS has an agreement with the partner universities that defines the number of exchange students for each semester. International students of Lapland UAS are able to apply to go abroad on study exchange in the Erasmus program. Lapland UAS admits grants also for free mover exchange (study exchanges that are completed at universities that are not Lapland UAS partner universities). Precondition for Lapland UAS travel grant for free mover exchange is that student has a Finnish citizenship or permanent residence permit and a permission for the exchange from the study councellor. For more detailed information, please see the links below.

You should start preparing for the exchange in good time in advance. For student it is important to know that the exchange grant does not cover all the expenses of the exchange. Students must be prepared to finance themselves their exchange period.

Exchange studies have to be well planned with the teacher tutor. For receiving the grant the duration of the study period must be at least 3 months and accumulate 5 ECTS / month. The higher university of applied sciences degree students can receive a grant for a shorter exchange. For more information and guidance on exchange is provided by the International services (please, see Contact information).


Exchange Programs

  • Erasmus+ Study Exchange is in Europe in the partner universities of Lapland UAS. Application deadline for autumn semester is 1.4. and for spring semester 15.10. Possibility of applying travel grant and Erasmus grant.  Please notice that you can search the current and updated Erasmus partners in SoleMOVE. There is an own instructions for searching partners in SoleMOVE. Look the link below. For more information, please contact the international services.
  • Freemover Study Exchange is supported with Lapland UAS grants for students with a permanent residence permit or Finnish citizenship. For Freemover exchange student must ask for the approval of the Study councellor and to be prepared for paying the tuitions. Student must find out himself/herself the offered courses and correspondence of the studies. Student must be prepared to take care of the exchange himself/herself. 

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