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Orientation for the students going for a student exchange. 

The orientation (in English) is held on Friday 29th October 2021 at 12:00 – 13:30 online in TEAMS.


The participation is compulsory for all students going for an exchange.

The meeting will be recorded so you can listen the recording afterwards, if you cannot join the live meeting

In this first orientation session, we will go through the next steps of the exchange process:
• Exchange application to the host institution
• Erasmus+ online learning agreement (for students going to an Erasmus+ study mobility)
• Mobility grants; guidelines and criteria for a grant admission, and how to apply for grants in SoleGRANT system
• Preparing for an exchange period, practicalities before the exchange (accommodation, travelling arrangement, insurances, visa and residence permit etc.)

Later during November - December there will be the second part of the orientation when will be discussed on the matters you will be facing during and after your exchange period.

See you in the orientation!





All students of Lapland University of Applied Sciences (Lapland UAS) have a possibility to gain international experience abroad in long study and training period, short exchange period or by participating home internationalization (International Student Ambassador, International Student Tutor etc.). International activities gives you language and culture knowledge, and also lot of International potential to your career. Explore different possibilities and find a way for you to get International expertise!


You can make your dreams come true and go long study or training exchange abroad. International Exchange is supported by various grants. Exchange studies and training should be planned very carefully so your studies progress in schedule and completed studies are accepted fully to your degree. All students going abroad should have a sufficient language proficiency to complete the planned study and/or traineeship period. It is also good to remember that the mobility period can be an ideal option to develop and deepen the existing language skills. 


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Here you can find shorter options for exchange abroad, for example Summer Schools and other short study programs included exchange period.


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Lapland UAS offers lot of opportunities for home internationalization. You can become for example an International Student tutor and help our new International Students to start their studies in new country and culture. Or you can improve your language skills by participating in Café Lingua -meetings!


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Want to apply for an exchange? Application process in a nutshell:

  1. Start planning your exchange well in advance. Familiarize yourself with the Lapland UAS Going Abroad -pages. More detailed information about the study exchange destinations can be found from SoleMOVE
  2. Get in touch with the International Services regarding the possible destinations and the application process.
  3. Discuss with your study counsellor the most suitable timing for your exchange, the studies you would like to complete while on exchange and fill the Learning Agreement. In case of an Internship, contact your training instructor and fill the Learning Agreement for Traineeship.
  4. First phase of the application process: Fill in the application in SoleMOVE system and upload your Learning Agreement there before the application deadline set by Lapland UAS. Check the specific application deadlines here.
  5. First phase selection: International services make the Lapland UAS internal selection of the exchange applicants. The selection is mainly done on first come, first served basis. Exceptions: N2N, Magellan and Australia, where the selection is made based on the following criteria: academic performance, the amount of completed credits, motivation and language skills. After you have received the decision, remember to confirm (or cancel) your exchange in SoleMOVE. After you have confirmed your exchange, you'll be nominated to your exchange destination (study exchange).
  6. Second phase of the application process (study exchange): Wait for the instructions from your host institution, you will receive them by email. Apply according to the instructions you have received.
  7. Second phase selection (study exchange): Your exchange destination makes the final decision of your approval. If you are accepted as an exchange student to the host institution, you can apply for the grants.
  8. Grants: Fill in the grant application in SoleGRANT programme (log in through SoleMOVE system). To your application, upload your acceptance letter (study exchange) and your Learning Agreement signed by all parties. In case of an Erasmus+ exchange, upload the Erasmus+ Grant Agreement to your grant application as well. More detailed instructions on how to fill the grant application can be found from here.
  9. Grants will be paid to your Finnish bank account before the beginning of your exchange, if you have filled and returned your grant application at least one month before your exchange starts.

International Services Contacts

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