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Lapland UAS offers lots of opportunities for internationalisation at home. Degree programs in English, student tutoring, Internationnal Student Ambassador program, friend program and events. You can also do language or culture courses during your studies or join lectures given by international lectures.

In Lapland UAS we have very international atmosphere, degree and exchange students from 50 different countries studies in our institution. We receive international guest lecturers and visitors and encourage our staff to internationalise by taking part staff exchange programs and other international activities. Lapland UAS arranges different international events, seminas, trainings ja press conferences for students, staff and partners. You can read more about these events from our web site School news and notices section.  


Student tutoring

The students of Lapland UAS has the possibility to be student tutors for the new incoming international degree and exchange students. The main tasks of the student tutor is to receive the new international student when s/he arrives and help the incoming international student to adjust to the local life and to familiarize themselves with surroundings and study facilities after the arrival. Student tutors also organize different kind of activities during the study semesters to help new students to integrate to the student life on the institution and a local community as well as learn about Finnish culture and way of life. If you are interested to become a student tutor contact the student union ROTKO. They are responsible for recruiting, training and selecting tutors for Lapland UAS and managing tutor activities. More information can be found from the web pages of student union ROTKO and from the international services. If you plan to apply to go on exchange during your studies being a student tutor is a very good way to get familiar with the host universities of Lapland UAS and improve your language skills.


Friend Program

Lapland UAS and University of Lapland together organises the Friend Programme. It is possible to join the program also in Kemi or Tornio. The activities starts every year i September and January but you can join the Program also later. The idea of the programme is to introduce Finland, Lapland and Finnish culture to international students. In doing so, the local friends also have the chance to learn about the home country of the student and about his/her language and culture. The Friend Programme not only offers students an opportunity to experience everyday Finnish life and culture, but also helps them adapt to their new surroundings by connecting them with a welcoming friend.


How to join the Program?

There is an application period every semester to the Friend Program. You can find the link to the electronic application here. International Services will contact all applicants. More information from the International Services.

Friend Program guide


International Student Ambassador

As a Lapland UAS student you can become an International Student Ambassador (ISA). International Services recruits the ambassadors and arranges training for them. Your tasks as an ISA can be to organize International Day with International Services (once/semester), if requested, take part in info sessions about possibilities for internationalization that International Services or different study fields are organizing, host international visitors of Lapland UAS and organize campus and city tours and social media marketing. You can earn ECTS credits from your ambassador work. You can find the course description from SoleOPS’ Free-choice elective studies with the name International Student Ambassador.


Café Lingua

Café Lingua is a meeting point for people interested in languages and cultures. Meetings offer an excellent opportunity to develop skills in different languages and multicultural competencies. The casual atmosphere of Café Lingua allows people to chitchat in Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Scandinavian languages, Spanish and, of course, Finnish and English, while enjoying a nice cup of coffee. Café Lingua is arranged by University of Lapland Language Center. Meetings take place in Rovaniemi. For more information and the meeting schedule you can find at University of Lapland website.


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