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Do you want to study abroad?

Minimize uncertainties and choose simple way to go abroad to support your studies and career development. You will graduate on time, improve your language skills and you get valuable International work experience and also good contacts. Spend a short time in study exchange or training. You can find the most suitable option for you by asking for more from International Services.

Application period:

Each program has its own application period.


  • 1-2 week long exchange periods

Experience level: 3,5

Suitable for those who has...

  • Career and work
  • Family
Short exchanges and online courses
Courses including mobility period

CIP-project for Mechanical Engineering students

Lapland UAS' mechanical engineering education implement every autumn in cooperation with Fachhochschule Technikum Wien international CIP-project (Cooperative International Project, 5 ECTS), where students work together with other international students with the project assignment.

The project involves students from Austria and around the world. Students are FH Technicum Wien's own degree students and exchange students. The project is mainly implemented as distance learning using online tools (lectures, project meetings, presentations).

The project will culminate in an intensive period of a week in November, where students get to work on each other's projects, to take a part in the excursion, to explore Vienna and much more (travelling and accommodation are paid for on behalf of the students).

Students work in international teams, solving and planning real assignment from Austria or Finland related to energy productions solutions.

The project provides a great opportunity to learn about different ways of working, foreign culture and improve own English language skills for future exchange period for example. Mechanical engineering education has also Double Degree Programme with FH Technikum Wien.


Lean Start-up and Innovation course (5 credits) for all Master students

The objective of the course is to enhance the students' ability to work in transnational and interdisciplinary teams. In the course students from Lapland UAS, Kajaani UAS, Ulster University and Kempten University design new business models in mixed teams. The firm can be new starting business or an existing business willing to develop or go international.

The first part, a work-shop will take place in December 2020 in Belfast. German and Finnish students will join for team building and to innovate the business idea. In the second part the students will work online in mixed teams. The third part, a conference, will take place online in April 2021. The teams will pitch their business models to a jury, which will assess them. The course content is relevant to students thinking about starting a business or who are already in business - large or small, those who are interested in commercializing their innovations. The second objective of the course is to provide students with an understanding of the nature of lean entrepreneurship and introduce the role of the entrepreneur, innovation and technology.

Lean start-up is a methodology for developing business, which aims to shorten service and product development cycles by adopting a combination of business-hypothesis-driven experimentation, iterative product releases and validated learning. If start-up companies invest their time into iteratively building products or services to meet the needs of early customers, they can reduce the market risks and sidestep the need for large amounts of initial project funding and expensive product launches and failures.

Grants for student exchange

Lapland UAS' travel grant 450€.

Lapland UAS' students have the possibility to apply grants, if student participate to the short exchange (summer schools, language courses etc) and earns at least 5 ECTS and completed studies are accepted fully to your degree in Lapland UAS. If the exchange period lasts more than 1 month, then you have to earn at least 10 ECTS.

If you receive the grant you are committed to:

1. use the grant only to cover the expenses of travelling, living, lodging and language training during your period of study or training abroad.
2. adhere the compiled study plan while abroad (= Learning agreement).
3. familiarize yourself with the international exchange guidelines before travelling abroad.
4. take care of all needed permits, insurances and vaccinations yourself.
5. perform as Lapland UAS' representative and present your institution during your study or training exchange.
6. deliver all needed forms and reports from the exchange as instructed and in time, you allow your study/training report to be published also in Lapland UAS' web pages
7. pay back all or part of your grant if you interrupt or terminate your studies abroad or if you do not deliver all required documents to the International Services on time.

Lapland UAS is obliged to inform the tax authorities in Finland all the students who have received exchange grants in total 1000,00€ or more during one year. Students must inform the grants they have received in the tax return.

SoleMOVE and SoleGRANT -systems

The SoleMOVE system has been designed to support the processes of the international exchange. Every student going abroad must fill in the SoleMOVE application. To log in to the SoleMOVE student uses the same username and password when logging in to school computers.

The SoleMOVE application must be filled in and submitted as soon as a student has received an acceptance confirmation and a signed learning agreement from the host university/organization. Student must fill in the application also to get grants.

The SoleMOVE system is designed also for returning necessary forms after the exchange period. For more information about the system and how to fill in the application, please see the links below or ask help from the International Services.

SoleMOVE - Programme
SoleMOVE - Instructions for searching Exchange Destinations and Feedback
SoleMOVE - Instructions for Short Exchange
SoleGRANT - Instructions for grant application for studying and training abroad

Data protection is a concern that is taken into account in all of the Lapland UAS's work. More information about the processing personal data you can find from the privacy notice of SoleMOVE and SoleGRANT. Lapland UAS' data protection web pages you can find from here.

Checklist for student exchange

SoleMOVE and SoleGRANT

Every student going for international exchange has to make an online application to SoleMOVE before going abroad.

Grants for exchange must be applied in SoleGRANT after your SoleMOVE exchange application is approved, you have confirmed your exchange pace in SoleMOVE and you have received an acceptance letter from the host university or signed learning agreement for traineeships form from the training place.

Lapland UAS email

Student must use only Lapland UAS email during the exchange. Remember to renew your password and empty your email regularly.

Financing the Exchange

Before going abroad remember to take care of the needed financing for the exchange period. Lapland UAS grants do not cover all the expenses of the exchange, thus you must be prepared to use your own savings. Please notice that there might be extra fees for example visas, registrations, deposit etc.

Passport, Visa and Residence Permit

Check that your passport is valid during the exchange period. Also check if you need a Visa or a Residence Permit for your exchange country. Please notice that some exchange universities may require the copy of the valid passport attached to the exchange application. You can have for more information about Visa and Residence Permit from the exchange country's embassy. Be prepared to apply for the Residence Permit in good time in advance.

Right of Residence and Work Permit

Nordic Countries: Finnish citizens do not need a Residence Permit for staying in the Nordic Countries. If you are International student, please check the requirements for your nationality

In the EU countries the students must register their right to reside if staying in the country more than 3 months. Students can do the registration at the local police or the immigration service of the exchange country,

For the registration you need among others a passport, attendance certificate (letter of acceptance) from your host university, certificate of finance for your exchange study period (fro example the documents of the grants, KELA study grants, and money that you have with you/you can use), passport photos and local money. Check all needed documents from the authorizing body in question.

If you are International student, you most likely need a Residence Permit to the host country. Please check the requirements for your nationality.

In some exchange destinations (political situation or other reason) it is recommended to register to local Finnish authorities (embassy), especially if staying in the country for a long time.

In EU region labour force can move freely without work permit. Registration of right of residence (EU citizens) is obligatory if you stay in the country more than 3 months. For other countries, please check the country-specific work permit procedures.

Study Grant Application (KELA)

For more information and forms from Lapland UAS Financial Aid Committee and the Lapland UAS web pages and also from KELA's pages.

Social Security: The European Health Insurance Card (EU Citizens)

EU citizens have the same benefits and duties to social security as the citizens of that country. Apply from KELA the European Health Insurance Card which certifies that you are entitled to the Social Services of the EU: The card is very useful for example if you need hospital treatment.

Travel Insurance

Each International student doing degree programme and going abroad is obliged to acquire themselves a sufficient insurance that covers for example illness, accidents, repatriation and if needed, liability issues. Ask for more information from insurance companies.

During the unpaid training students are insured with Lapland UAS insurance that covers accidents and occupational diseases in working hours as well as liability issues (USA and Canada excluded). Print copy of certificate of the validity of liability insurance and insurance for accidents.

When travelling, always remember that things can be replaced, but life cannot be.

Travelling tickets and travelling timetables

Compare prices of the different travelling possibilities to get the best use of the grants. Affordable student tickets are sold by many travel agencies such as Kilroy Travels and Are. They have offices in numerous countries, which makes changing the tickets easier. Remember to inform travel times to the exchange university / training place and your family.

Student Identity Card

In Finland travel agencies (for example Kilroy Travels) sell International Student Identity Card (ISIC) which entitles to discount in different countries. Most of the discount are for travelling, but ISIC can also be used for bargaining about the student discounts when visiting museums etc.

Letter of Acceptance, Proof of Means of Support, Passport photos

Take Letter of Acceptance, Proof of Means of Support (for example in Finland foreigners are required to have at least 560€ per month); students can use for example a document of the grant, KELA study grant or other assets (bank statement). Take copies of the documents and passport and keep them in a different place than the originals.

Take adequate amount of passport photos with you, at least 5-10 photos.


Remember to take care of the housing-related matters, such as rent, electricity contract, notice of removal, postal services etc. Find yourself an apartment from the exchange destination in good time in advance and keep all the apartment-related documents and agreements (tenancy agreement with tenancy period and price) in safe.

Addresses and Contact Information

Make all needed change of addresses for the period of absence: Post, Registry Office, Study Affairs Office. Take with you all important contact information in Finland, Lapland UAS (teacher tutor, international coordinator, International Office) as well as in exchange destination (for example Finnish Embassy) and leave a copy to your family / trusted person.

For the exchange, take with you a list of needed addresses and directions. Pack the list to your hand luggage so that you can take it out easily.

Financial Matters

Find out the most practical way of taking care of your finances in the destination: to open a bank account or to withdraw money from automatic cash dispenser from the Finnish bank account, how to transfer money to the destination etc. Give instructions to your family / trusted person. Make an authorization for your banking matters in Finland. The authorization should include also other things, such as insurance and study grant matters. The authorization document must be signed by two witnesses.

Find out the most convenient way of taking money with you: cash travel cheque, credit cards, VisaElectron etc.

Health Care

Take care of the needed vaccinations and visit the dentist before going abroad. Remember to have your pharmaceuticals with you for the whole exchange period. Take also plasters, basic painkillers, basic lotion etc.

There are specific instructions for Health Care students about the needed vaccinations and medical examinations before and after the exchange: more information from the International Services. Lapland UAS does not cover the expenses of the possible vaccinations. Students pay the costs of the vaccinations themselves.

Information about Finland, Lapland UAS and the destination

Be prepared to answer the most extraordinary questions about Finland and Lapland UAS. Addresses to sources of Finland-information. If interested in books, Facts about Finland is very useful.

Familiarize yourself with Lapland UAS brochures and web pages in English so that you know the Lapland UAS terminology. You can also pick up a Lapland UAS information package from your International Office before going abroad. Ask more!

Take with you also Rovaniemi/Kemi/Tornio information and pictures, for example post cards. In advance familiarize yourself with the exchange country and culture as well as you can. You can have more information from books and the Internet.


Be prepared for situations when presents are needed (such as invitation to a party) by taking with you something small, like key chains etc. It is nice to take something that is originated from your own country.