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STAYCATION - Gain INTERNATIONAL expertise at home



Home Internationalization in Lapland UAS

Enjoy different forms of Home Internationalization! You can get International knowledge at home and during your studies. How about a language course, International Master Program or a study trip for a couple of weeks? You can improve your language and communication skills and also get valuable International knowledge and networks by Home Internationalization. You can do all this without leaving the country. Ask more from Internationalisation Services! You can see their Contact Information here.

Application period:

Each program has its own application period.


  • Foreign language courses and study programs
  • Tutoring and Friend -system for International Exchange Students
  • International Student Ambassador activity
  • Café Lingua -meetings

Experience level: 2

Suitable for those who has...

  • Work
  • Family
  • Ecological values and likes to be at home

Internationality in Lapland UAS

We have very International atmosphere here in Lapland UAS. Degree Program students and Exchange students from 50 different countries study here! We receive International guests and encourage our staff to Internationalize by participating staff exchanges and other different International activity. Lapland UAS organize different International events, seminars, training sessions, briefings for both students and staff and also different partners. You will find information of these from Lapland UAS' web page.

At the moment we have 4 study program full in English:

  • International Business
  • Nursing
  • Tourism
  • Machine Learning

In addition Lapland UAS offers foreign language studies for example in International Business Management (Master) -study program, different language and culture courses and also International visitors lectures.

International Student Tutoring System
Lapland UAS students has a chance to participate International Student Tutoring System. International Student Tutor helps new Exchange students and also new Degree Program students. Main tasks are receiving new students, introduce new residential environment and culture, help with starting studies and other different activities like organizing events, trips, cabin weekends etc. You can apply for International Student Tutor from ROTKO. More information about International Student Tutoring system from ROTKO's web page or you can also contact to Internationalisation Services. If you are planning International Exchange period, this is great chance to improve your language skills and get more information about different cultures and destinations.
Friend Programme

Lapland UAS and University of Lapland, together with ESN Lapland, organise a Friend Programme in Rovaniemi. Activities in the programme start every year in September and January offering a great chance to meet international students and get to know different languages and cultures. For international students the programme gives a possibility make a local friend and it offers a window into local activities. The idea of the programme is to introduce Finland, Lapland and Finnish culture to international students. The Friend Programme does not only offer international students an opportunity to experience everyday Finnish life and culture, but also helps them to adapt to their new surroundings by connecting them with a welcoming friend(s).

For who?

Everyone, who is interested in getting to know other cultures and forming (life)long friendships, are welcome to join Friend Programme!

As a local friend, you can participate on your own, with your family or friends! The most important thing is to help the international student(s) to feel welcome. After first meeting the friend(s) and the international student(s) are keeping in touch within their own resources and timetable. Friend Programme participants does not offer accommodation or financial support to the international student(s).

As an international student, you will get a chance to make local friends, learn a bit about Finns and their everyday life along many other things.

How to apply?

Sign up to the programme by filling out the registration form. The registration for autumn semester 2023 is open until 15 September.

The registration form for international students can be found HERE
The registration form for local friends can be found HERE.

For more information, please contact:

Sanna Sulin

Emilia Rehn


Friend Programme Handbook for International Students

Friend Programme Guide for a Local Friend

International Student Ambassador
Lapland UAS students have a chance to participate to International Student Ambassador program. Internationalisation Services organize the recruitment and arranges training for new ambassadors. Tasks as an ambassador are for example organize International Day with Internationalisation Services once in semester, if requested, take part in info sessions about possibilities for internationalization that Internationalisation Services or different study fields are organizing, host International guests of Lapland UAS and organize campus and city tours and also social media marketing. You can earn credits from your work as an ambassador. You can find the course description from PEPPI-system free-choice elective studies with the name International Student Ambassador.
Café Lingua
Café Lingua is a meeting place for those who are interested in different languages and cultures. Meetings are great opportunity to improve language skills and culture knowledge. The atmosphere is relaxed and you can enjoy also a cup of coffee during the meetings. There are discussions for example in German, French, Italian or Chinese language. Participants can speak in their Native language or just for fun and practise. Meetings will be held in Rovaniemi and the offerer is University of Lapland. More information in University of Lapland's web page.
Campusonline Summer Studies
You can find summer courses here!