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eRPL instructions

About attachments

Please do not attach medical certificate or any other similar documents into to the Peppi eRPL-application. These documents should be delivered directly to the Study Affair Office.



Inclusion refers to the inclusion of higher education studies completed before or during the studies as part of the degree (also exchange studies but not practical training abroad). Apply one study unit with one application, in other words you can't apply several study units with one form.

Attention! Note that inclusion of free-choice studies should always be done by using Inclusion application.



Substitution refers to the substitution of studies belonging to the degree programme’s curriculum with corresponding higher education studies.
You may apply for the substitution for one or even several study units with the same document. Just write e.g. 'university studies' as the attainment and mark all the study units you would like to get substituted. You can also give further information below the study unit names


Skills demonstration

Skills demonstration is used when direct accreditation by replacement is not possible or when the acknowledgement of learning otherwise requires a separate assessment of the student’s competence.


Practical training

If you are applying for accreditation for a practical training period that is part of your studies based on the transcript of work, you can use the Substitution application. If you need an additional attainment (such as a report) for the accreditation of practical training in addition to the transcript of work, make the application through Skills demonstration. To learn more about the accreditation of practical training, refer to the accreditation instructions of Lapland UAS and your own field.


Open University of Applied Sciences student     

Open University of Applied Sciences does not make any inclusions or substitutions. You are able to apply inclusions or/and substitutions after you have applied and have been accepted to a degree programme student.


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