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Information on Corona virus and Lapland UAS instructions

Here you will find the latest news concerning COVID-19 information in Lapland University of Applied Sciences. Lapland UAS is following the recommendation given by the Finnish Government to ensure the safety of our students and staff.

Lapland UAS new semester in August 2020 will start partly on campus, partly online

To ensure the safety of all students and staff members, teaching and guidance will be organised partly on campus, partly online. 

When using the premises, you must abide by the current 50-person limit per space (50 persons as of 1 June), sufficient safety distances, and proper hygiene. Do not enter the campus if you are ill or have respiratory symptoms!

Here you can find Lapland UAS actions concerning all arrangements.


Lapland University of Applied Sciences will arrange all teaching, guidance and services so that all studies will proceed as planned and according to the study objectives.

In autumn, the priority will be on starting new students. Orientation weeks will be arranged on campus taking into consideration the restrictions of 50 persons limit per space. All lectures and introductions for over 50 persons will be arranged online. All on campus arrangements and teaching are made with consideration of the safety instructions and the number of students on campus.

The UAS premises may be used for teaching for such courses where the use of simulation and laboratory facilities is absolutely necessary. It is also possible to organise exams and other competence-based tests for small groups of students, or individual students on campus, provided they cannot be organised online. Otherwise all continuing students will study mainly online.

The teachers of the programmes will inform the students in more detail about the studies and exams. It is important that all students follow their student email and Peppi.

More instructions for on campus studying will be informed in August. Safety instructions will apply for all arrangements, including e.g. school lunch. 

Practical training periods and student exhanges

Lapland UAS will continue receiving foreign exchange students in autumn. All international programmes will start the studies mainly online in autumn.

When arriving to Finland the students are asked to quarantine themselves voluntarily for 2 weeks. During the quarantine the studies will be online.

Guidelines and provisions regarding corona virus made by other organizations may result in termination of practical training in Finland.

Joint application and entrance exams

Universities of applied sciences have cancelled the entrance exams on campuses for the first joint application of spring 2020 (i.e. English degree programmes). During the state of emergency international students cannot take entrance exams in Finland.

Many other countries besides Finland have imposed travel restrictions and quarantines. Therefore, it is not possible to organise entrance exams outside Finland either.

Instead of entrance exams, students are admitted to English degree programmes based on their educational prowess (= diploma grades) and by separate web-based admission tasks.

As for the entrance exams to the second phase joint application degree programmes, universities of applied sciences are preparing a backup plan together with the Ministry of Education and Culture, should it be the case that entrance exams cannot be organised as originally planned.

Meetings, visits and events

For the time being, conferences and seminars are  mainly arranged online. As for the restrictions on the number of participants, national recommendations are followed. Thus, a maximum of 50 persons can attend an event at a time. Larger gatherings and events are arranged online or they are rescheduled for a later time. All event arrangements are made case by case.

If you are going to travel,  you must follow general safety instructions. When travelling abroad, act as instructed by the authorities.


Student affairs offices

Student affairs offices will provide services by email and by telephone.
Contact information

Health Care

In other matters concerning sickness, except for coronavirus COVID-19, students may contact student nurse on one’s campus by phone.

  • Kemi tel. 050 314 6497, 050 314 6497, 050 461 7224
  • Rovaniemi tel. 016 322 4280
  • Tornio 050 314 6505


Curator Maria Sipilä is on call during working days 10-11 o’clock, phone 040 847 4219.
You can also book a telephone appointment with any curator by sending a text message.

Tuovi Honkela 040 353 4276
Paula Perttunen 040 484 4243
Maria Sipilä 040 847 4219

eLearning services

As of Monday 16 March, the eLearning Services will exclusively work remotely. The doors to our offices will be closed until further notice. This is how we strive to ensure the availability of our services.

Our phones are likely to be overloaded. Always try to use eoppimispalvelut@luc.fi for non-urgent matters, and see the support manuals and systems manuals at http://eoppimispalvelut.fi/. On the same page, we will also provide information about possible disruptions in distance learning services.

IT service

Service hours 8:00 - 17:00
040 484 4210

Instructions on remote work in response to the coronavirus


Information will be announced later. 


All university sports services are cancelled as a measure of precaution in effort to prevent the spread of corona virus.
We will inform about restart of services as soon as we can. The sports facilities of cooperation partners will follow their own guidelines.


The library opens its doors, but only risk group members are allowed to borrow material. You may visit the library only during its opening hours. Each separate space in the library can contain a maximum of 50 persons at a time.

More information about library services can be found on https://lib.luc.fi/fi

If you have flu symptoms or if you suspect that you have contracted corona virus

If you you suspect that you have contracted the corona virus and if you are experiencing symptoms (according to THL, the most common symptoms are fever, cough and shortness of breath), please contact by your health centre .

Take care of good hand hygiene and do not shake hands

Lapland UAS advises to follow the instruction of THL. You can protect yourself from the new coronavirus in the same way as with other respiratory infectious agents. This is primarily through a good level of hand hygiene.

  • Wash your hands when you arrive to the office, before meals and smoking, after using toilet and when leaving the office
  • Preferably use a paper towel to dry your hands.
  • In case you don’t have an opportunity to wash hands, use hand sanitizer.
  • Do not touch your face unless your hands are clean.
  • Cover your mouth and nose with a disposable tissue when you cough or sneeze. Dispose of the tissue immediately after use.
  • If you do not have a tissue, cough and sneeze into the upper part of your sleeve. Do not use your hands!

Hand sanitizer dispensers and handwash instructions have been added to campuses. Cleaning of toilet facilities has been stepped up.

Support and instructios

Students are advised to contact the school nurse in their campus

  • Kemi 050 314 6497, 050 314 6497 or 050 461 7224
  • Rovaniemi 016 322 4280
  • Tornio 050 314 6505


You can send questions related to Lapland UAS instructions also to the Lapland UAS safety and security team to turvallisuus@lapinamk.fi.
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