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Project services

  • How does it turn from idea to a development project?
  • How do I make a successful project plan?
  • Where does the financing for the project come from?
  • Where do I find partners for the project?

Project services help making the project plan which includes purpose appropriate contents designing, making cost estimate and financing plans.

A project, which is based on an identified need or development idea, is designed in collaboration with the client. The service includes content design, exploring the financing possibilities, making the project plan, cost estimate and financing plan, as well as if necessary assembling the consortium and negotiations with the consortium and financiers.


Financial management services of projects

  • Are you familiar with the different provisions of the financing programs?
  • Do you know the eligibility requirements of different financiers?
  • Where comes the certainty that the disbursement applications are filled right and the financing is ensured?
  • How do I organise an up to date cost monitoring?


Financial management and reporting of projects require a lot of time as well as expertise on the different provisions of the financing programs. With the right expert help plenty of own resources can be saved and concentrated on it where they are most useful in managing the project.

With the financial management services it is possible to have access to expert service in making the disbursement applications, in cost monitoring and reporting. In addition you get certainty of the provisions of different financing programs and the eligibility requirements related to them. The service includes among other things financial reportings to the guidance group and the financiers as well as ensuring the fulfillment of the financial conditions and advisory services related to it.

Service languages finnish, swedish and english.

If necessary parts of the service content can be provided.


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