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Our service palette covers training services, short term development assignments as well as R&D projects. Students participate actively in development projects and carry out assignments under supervision of teachers and other experts.


Goal Oriented Project Planning – GOPP is an efficient group work method that combines the participants expertise and different perspectives into a comprehensive and concrete plan.

The method is ideally suited for the making of project plans, operation plans, strategies and other logical structure requiring plans. GOPP is an efficient tool also for the clarification of the previously established plans.

A workshop is tailored on the basis of the customer's development need. A workshop’s theme can be for instance:

  • Business improving
  • Organizational development
  • Processes improving
  • Strategic planning
  • Development program preparation
  • Problem analysis
pLAB is specialized in software and measurement technologies and real-time integrated 3D visualization environments. We provide data visualisation services that include real-time area simulations which you can use to model large constructions or the effects of large scale landscape usage. The real-time 3D-models are realized by using technologies that enable realistic looking models that include different functionalities.

In addition to real-time simulations we also provide other data visualisation services that include the visualisation of collected data. These services are tailored to suit the needs of the customer.

Technical description of 3D-simulations

Large-scale area models:

-web-based solutions

Maavisu-project, Pilke-show elements, Kemijoki Oy
The design and development service of embedded systems offers flexible support in the various stages of product development.

The service covers application and device design, programming, prototype manufacture and testing.

The device design includes possible component selections, circuit diagram and printed circuit board designing. In the application design a software defined by the client’s requirement specification is designed for the device. This software is executed and tested in a possible development environment and finally with a pre-typeset prototype. In addition if necessary PC-applications can be executed for different needs.

The device is developed to a prototype stage after which branding, marketing and other finishing is left to the client. Further development is possible in the device and application level.
Machine vision system development service defines, designs, executes and tests machine vision systems.

With the help of machine vision system You have the possibility to among other things improve the production, supervise the quality of your product, do preventive maintenance and thereby improve your company earnings.

The machine vision system development service defines, designs, executes and tests machine vision system to the client defined application item.

The applications can be solved with the traditional machine vision cameras, heat cameras or with the digital radiology fluoroscopy technique. Application types can be for instance identification of the items, quality control, 2D or 3D measurement.

The machine vision system is developed to a prototype stage after which the finishing, use, maintenance and upkeep of the system in productional circumstances or the system productization are on the responsibility of the client.

The prototype system functioning is tested and verified with the help of pre-defined test sequences in accordance with the clients needs either in a laboratory or in the client’s own premises.
We execute in accordance with the client’s definition maintenance related preliminary studies as a result of which the client receives a state-of-the-art –type report.

We offer short-term maintenance related trainings of which as an example the user maintenance training organized for the Outokumpu’s Tornio factories.
  • How does it turn from idea to a development project?
  • How do I make a successful project plan?
  • Where does the financing for the project come from?
  • Where do I find partners for the project?


Project services help making the project plan which includes purpose appropriate contents designing, making cost estimate and financing plans.

A project, which is based on an identified need or development idea, is designed in collaboration with the client. The service includes content design, exploring the financing possibilities, making the project plan, cost estimate and financing plan, as well as if necessary assembling the consortium and negotiations with the consortium and financiers.


As a service we provide the execution of tailored high quality software projects. These projects are carried out by using the wide knowledge of  personnel.

  • Tailored software projects
  • Desktop applications
  • Mobile applications: Android, iOS, Windows Phone
  • Database design and implementation
  • Server programming
  • Serious gaming: Unity 3D


Training services for companies and other organisations

Customised or set educational packages are effective ways to boost the know-how of employees. For training courses in English please contact our R&D managers.

Open University of Applied Sciences also provides short-term-learning possibilities for moderate costs.

Entire degrees can also be completed while working. Encouraging and enabling further training is a far-reaching way to reward staff members because employee happiness comes from the content of their work and the feeling that they can develop themselves and their work.

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