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Open RDI acvities at Lapland UAS

In our strategy, we are committed to complying with the principles of open science and research, and to strengthening competence in openness.

Open research, development and innovation (RDI) activities mean that the research methods, data, results and publications of RDI projects are available and usable as openly as possible within the boundaries set by research ethics and jurisprudence.

In an open operating culture, all data produced and all competence gained are to be made visible and available to everyone interested. Openness is also highlighted through engaging activities, open RDI and learning environments and processes, and high-quality interaction. Openness increases the quality and reliability of RDI activities, and promotes the regional and societal impact of projects and cooperation between Lapland UAS and working life and businesses.

Open operating methods facilitate the transfer of competence and knowledge, and create new information in interaction between Lapland UAS and working life. Furthermore, they increase the merits of specialists working in the projects of Lapland UAS, the networking of the Lapland UAS staff, and the creation of innovation.

RDI activities comply with the guidelines of the Finnish National Board on Research Integrity (TENK) for the responsible conduct of research, as well as acts and agreements related to the legal aspects of RDI activities.


Lapland UAS employees issue roughly 450 publications a year. Publications consist of scientific and professional articles, and texts intended for the general public.

Most publications written in the RDI activities of Lapland UAS are openly accessible online in Theseus, the publication archive of universities of applied sciences.


Research and development projects produce new information for the needs of businesses and other partners. In particular, multidisciplinary projects and cooperation projects between several parties, in which information is disseminated openly, offer fertile soil for innovation. Read more about the content of the RDI projects of Lapland UAS.

RDI material

Several RDI projects aim to collect different materials that may also be used later. Materials include surveys, interviews and measurements. Read more about materials collected in Lapland UAS projects in the materials database.

Science and research in Finland

Research.fi is a service provided by the Ministry of Education and Culture that compiles and shares information about research conducted in Finland.