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Winning through collaboration!

Lapland UAS’s research, development and innovation (RDI) activities are multidisciplinary and almost unparalleled in scope among Finnish universities of applied sciences. RDI is closely linked with teaching.

Knowledge of northern conditions is a basic part of our life.

Our teachers and RDI professionals are experts in innovative research and development having extensive experience in business life.

First and foremost our development projects benefit other entities; companies, associations and organisations of the public sector.  

A successful development project may be a weapon for a new breakthrough. 

The most significant providers of our financing are the EU and Business Finland – the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation.

About 16 percent of our projects are international.

Lapland University of Applied Sciences is a partner to anyone who wants to develop, learn and achieve something new.
There is a demand for northernness elsewhere, too.

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Ms. Anu Pruikkonen
Development Manager

tel. +358 40 556 4632
anu.pruikkonenLapin AMK sähköposti

Ms. Eija Jumisko
Development Manager

tel. +358 40 662 4883
eija.jumiskoLapin AMK sähköposti

Our International Networks in RDI
EPSI – The European platform for Sport Innovation
EUF - European University Foundation
EARMA - European Association of Research Managers and Administrators
EIP AHA - Active and Healthy Ageing
EAS - European Athlete Student
ARTEMIS-IA (European Technology Platform)
ERIAFF - Forested Regions

uArctic Thematic Networks
uArctic Safety and Security - Tourism Safety
uArctic Arctic Engineering
uArctic Social Work
uArctic Sustainable Arts and Desing (ASAD)
uArctic Northern Nursing Education
uArctic Managing SMEs in the North

Industrial modernisation S3 platforms
Digitalisation and Safety for Tourism
Social economy