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BRIDGE – A Sustainable Network of HEIs and SMEs in the Barents Region

  Teresa Chen, Peter Fischer & Minttu Merivirta (eds.)
  17/2021 • 104 s. • ,  
  ISBN 978-952-316-412-3 (stiched) • ISBN 978-952-316-411-6 (pdf)
  : Free of charge
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  The BRIDGE project’s objective has been to facilitate youth employment and economic growth. The goal was to develop a learning environment as a sustainable platform for the interaction of local companies and HEI which benefits both innovating business and education.

Over three years, 2018-2021, teachers and staff from five universities in Russia, Finland and Norway established bonds for innovation and education in the Arctic North of Europe. More than 50 small private and public firms participated assigning around 250 students with business life challenges.

In this publication the BRIDGE project team shares their knowledge and experiences gained through the years. The focus of the articles is on the main three goals of BRIDGE:
1) Growth development of businesses in the Barents region,
2) Employability of the students, and
3) Institutional interactions.