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Wayside Rolling Stock Monitoring and Railway Inspection in Finland

  Jukka Leinonen
  22/2020 • 32 s. •  
  ISBN 978-952-316-374-4 (pdf)
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  Railways play a key role in the Kolarctic region in transporting ore, minerals, timbers, goods and passengers. Nowadays, there are increasing demands for the use of the railways for heavier, longer, faster and more frequent trains in the Kolarctic area. This means that the railway infrastructure must be designed, maintained and monitored in such a way that people and goods are delivered on time, all year round. Improved uptime and punctuality will require increased use of more efficient monitoring and measuring systems.

This publication is the result of the survey and provides an overview of the rolling stock monitoring systems and railway inspection measurements used in Finland in 2020. The rolling stock is monitored by wayside hot bearing, wheel load and pantograph detectors. Railway inspections measurements are made with inspection wagons, ultrasonic and acceleration measurements, among other things.