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Thesis Guide - Master’s degree

  Soili Mäkimurto-Koivumaa & Merja Koikkalainen (eds.)
  3/2019 • 37 s. •  
  ISBN 978-952-316-311-9 (pdf)
  : Free of charge
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  This thesis guide has been prepared to support the Master’s degree thesis process at Lapland University of Applied Sciences. The objective of the Master’s degree thesis is to develop and demonstrate an ability to apply research information and use the selected methods to analyse and solve working life problems as well as skills for independent demanding expert tasks.

We have revamped our Master’s Degree Thesis Guide for 2019–2021. The guide includes procedures and practices from topic selection to publication and applies to all Master’s degree programmes. In addition to these instructions, various degree programmes may also have their own procedures, which are presented at separate meetings