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Detecting Passive Radar Reflectors for Automotive Applications - Aurora Arctic Challenge Field Tests in 2018

  Matti Autioniemi, Heikki Konttaniemi & Chris Händel
  7/2019 • 44s. •  
  ISBN 978-952-316-279-2 (pdf)
  : ilmainen
  This report demonstrates and discusses results of passive roadside radar
reflector practical tests carried out in Rovaniemi during winter period 2017-
2018. The selection of the passive radar reflectors for actual automotive radar
tests on the Aurora intelligent test road in Muonio has been made based
on this report.

This report has been developed in the Arctic Challenge research project. The
Arctic Challenge research project is funded by the Finnish Transport Agency
(FTA) and the Finnish Transport Safety Agency (TraFi). The project is part of
the Aurora intelligent road project of the Finnish Transport Agency and the
NordicWay2 project funded by the Connecting Europe Facility of the European
Union. The testing weeks for the research project will take place on the
10-km-long test stretch of the Aurora Vt21 (E8) intelligent road section in the
years 2017–2019. Furthermore, the project is part of the Traffic Lab cooperation.
The contracting partners involved in the research project include Dynniq
Finland Oy, Indagon Oy, Infotripla Oy, Lapland University of Applied Sciences
Oy, Roadscanners Oy, Sensible 4 Oy and VTT Technical Research Centre of
Finland Oy.
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