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Animal Welfare in Tourism Services - Examples and Practical Tips for the Well-being of Animals Used for Tourism in Lapland

  Jaana Ojuva (ed.)
  7/2018 • 104 s. • ,  
  ISBN 978-952-316-246-4 (Stiched) • 978-952-316-247-1 (pdf)
  : Free of charge
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  Today, promoting the well-being of animals is a significant and visible part of providing responsible tourism services. International tourists and travel agents arriving in Lapland require that the animal-based companies provide their services in a responsible manner, taking also care of the well-being of the animals. Lapland’s tourism operators are well aware of the great significance of animals as a part of the tourism service selection.

In this guide we present information about the role of the three key animals used for tourism in Lapland: sled dog, reindeer and horse. We have compiled a comprehensive package of good practices supporting their well-being. Good practices are examples and practical tips from which each entrepreneur can pick the ones that are best suited to them.