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Current state and future of CLT construction in Finland - Interview study 2016

  Mikko Vatanen, Antti Sirkka, Valtteri Pirttinen & Tytti Ahoranta
  17/2017 • 41 s. •  
  ISBN 978-952-316-191-7 (pdf)
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  The interview study aimed to determine the experiences that operators involved in various phases of construction have had with regard to CLT con-struction. The study sought to interview the selected operators as extensively as possible with regard to the various phases of the construction project.

Based on the study, we can conclude that CLT has a positive image and it is seen to have a great deal of potential to serve as an ecological alternative for future sustainable construction. Wooden surfaces are regarded as valuable and aesthetically impressive enablers of high-quality indoor environments. CLT is still relative new as a construction material, and the lack of refer-ences and experience are seen as the main challenges at the moment. The “Build using CLT” collection of operating strategies was prepared based on the themes that emerged over the course of the interview study.

The interview study report was prepared under the Future possibilities for CLT (FCLT) project, which is implemented as an Interreg Nord research proj-ect funded by the ERDF. The project involves the Luleå University of Tech-nology, SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden, Centria UAS, Digipolis Oy and Lapland UAS. The primary objective is to promote the diverse use of CLT and increase awareness of the possibilities provided by CLT construction in the Interreg region. The project was initiated in September 2015 and will continue until October 2018.