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SmartSet Virtual Studio Solution: Validation Phase Test Results

  Timo Puukko & Minttu Merivirta
  9/2017 • 152 s. •  
  ISBN 978-952-316-180-1 (pdf)
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  The vision in the SmartSet project is to develop a low cost virtual studio solution that, despite being ten times less than the cost of comparable solutions on the market, will have the same quality of high cost solutions currently used by larger broadcast media companies, but with a simple and limited functionality. The project will increase the competitiveness of the European creative industries, particularly in the broadcast media sector.

The SmartSet project objectives include mapping and prioritising the user requirements for the virtual studio solution to be developed. This report is based on the user consultation process with the end users and stakeholders of the SmartSet project to determine the functionality requirements for product development and integration. The research set out to detail a range of user requirements which will feed into the virtual studio specification.