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Creative Steps 2.0 - Step by Step Guidelines to Business Idea

  Anitra Arkko-Saukkonen & Anželika Krastiņa
  5/2016 • 137 s. • ,  
  ISBN 978-952-316-154-2 (Stitched) • ISBN 978-952-316-155-9 (pdf)
  : Free of charge
  Creative Steps 2.0 is a model of an innovation workshop - a guided step by step approach and the methodology that helps to develop business ideas in the context of international and cross-border collaboration between the main participants involved in the process: companies, students and business experts. Guidelines for organizing an innovation workshop presented in this book will help the implementation of the Creative Steps 2.0 workshop in the partner countries of the Creative Momentum project. However, these guidelines can also be used in many different situations. They can be useful for any innovation work, especially if that is done internationally. Education institutions and universities can use this methodology for their entrepreneurship pedagogics. Companies can use the process for their internal innovation and business development process.

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