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Socio-economic Challenges in the Mining Industry - Four Cases from the Barents Region

  Leena Viinamäki (ed.)
  16/2015 • 163 s. •  
  ISBN 978-952-316-096-5 (pdf)
  : Free of charge
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  MineHealth project (2012-2014) is funded partly by European Social Fund (Kolarctic ENPI CBC) and partly nationally.

Socio-economic study gives possibilities to compare different mines, regions and countries and show the possibilities to implement a good socio-economic practice in the local community. The Socio-Economic Part of The Mine Research Work Package 4. is based as a Triangulative and Case Study Research Design. Reserarch team has collecting statistical data key economic and social indicators, has interviewed key informants and has done questionnaire for the Miners ac-cording to same data collecting plan. As the cases are the Mines in local municipalities in Finland Sodankylä, Kevitsa Mining Oy, in Norway Alta, Stjernoy Sibelco, in Russia Kirovsk, Phosagro-Apatit and in Sweden Boliden, Aitik Boliden.

This is the final report from the Work package 4’s socio-economic study. We hope that this final report is useful review for the administrator, politician and citizen from the Minig Industry’s so-cio-economical impacts in local communities in Barent’s region.