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InnoPreneurship 21 – Creation of entrepreneurial cross-border competence in Northern Scandinavia

  Soili Mäkimurto-Koivumaa, Mats Westerbeg, Pekka Kess
  9/2015 • 33 s. •  
  ISBN ISBN 978-952-316-084-2 (pdf) • ISSN 2342-2491 (electronic publication)
  : Free of charge
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  Enhancing entrepreneurship and developing an entrepreneurial mindset and behaviour are a common challenge throughout Northern Scandinavia. Several studies have shown that the economy’s prosperity and growth strongly depends on the entrepreneurship sector. Even though the general attitude towards entrepreneurship has become more positive, higher education organisations are still struggling in developing ways to increase entrepreneurship among academics and non-business students.

The consortium of four HEIs, Luleå University of Technology, University of Nordland, University of Oulu and Lapland University of Applied Sciences, conducted a project Inno-Preneurship 21 (2012–2014) for intensifying the cross-border collaboration, and finding ways to establish lasting co-operation between different actors in practice in the field of entrepreneurship education.

This publication describes the collaboration process, background, implementation and outcomes of InnoPreneurship 21 project. Additionally, the report opens new aspects for developing entrepreneurial competences in HEIs.