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Distance is not a barrier to health

  Paula Poikela & Sini Turpeenniemi
  4/2015 • 74 s. • ,  
  ISBN ISBN 978-952-316-076-7 (Stitched) • ISBN 978-952-316-077-4 (pdf)
  : Free of charge
  “Distance is No Obstacle to Health” is a publication that conveys the results of the HYTekla project after two years of intensive work. The articles shed light on the experiences, thoughts and new inroads in the utilization of technology amongst the client’s professionals, health technology planners and wellness field as well as technology instructors working within the health care sector.
Cooperation between actors and users strengthens expertise and provides innovation for new operational potential. Distance is no obstacle to health – nor must distance mean loneliness: rather, by means of wellness technology, it is possible to create the feeling of security in even the more southernmost corners of Finnish Lapland.
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