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ArctiChildren InNet – Empowering School eHealth Model in the Barents Region

  Eiri Sohlman, Catrine Kostenius, Ole Martin Johansen, Inna Ryzhkova & Minttu Merivirta (edit.)
  2/2015 • 338 s. • ,  
  ISBN 978-952-316-073-6 (Stitched) • ISBN 978-952-316-074-3 (PDF)
  : Free of charge
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  ArctiChildren InNet project (2012–2015) has been a journey of “shared learning” as schoolchildren, teachers, university students, social and health care practitioners and their educators in four Barents countries have learned how to develop new eHealth approaches and strengthen the learning and health connection through multimodalities and ICT applications at schools.

In this publication we present the experiences and results gained during the ArctiChildren InNet “Empowering School eHealth Model in the Barents Region” project. Our greatest hope is that our experiences and the knowledge that we want to share will open eyes and make the reader think about health issues in schools in a new and innovative way.

This publication gives valuable information for the experts who work with schoolchildren and deal with health issues in every day (working) life. Also experts of universities and other organizations who are dealing with eHealth and eLearning issues get useful perspectives for their work.