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Lapland UAS publications

Our expertise and results of RDI work are shown in publications that serve trade, production, working life as well as education.

With the publication series Pohjoisen tekijät (the Northern Factors) we launch books, blog articles, videos and podcast recordings concerning

  • RDI project outcome and results
  • Research
  • Learning materials
  • Other distinguished and inspiring materials based on our professional work.

Regardless the format, all publications are reviewed by the Publication team or the Editorial board.

Lumen Journal

Lumen is our journal coming out three times a year. Each issue has a specific theme. The main language of the journal is Finnish, but we do publish international issues, too.

All editorials and columns are available in English, too.


Study on Social Enterprise Incubators – SYTYKE

Martti Ainonen, Malla Alatalo, Kirsti Ketola, Sari Nisula, Pia Rapo, Jatta Sammalkangas & Mirva Tapaninen



Pillars for social entrepreneurship in Lapland

Kirsti Ketola & Sari Nisula



Phenomena of Arctic Nature

Mervi Angeria, Milla Hirvaskari & Outi Kähkönen (eds.)



Guidelines for reliability testing on circuit level

Mika Mört & Soile Sääski



BRIDGE – A Sustainable Network of HEIs and SMEs in the Barents Region

Teresa Chen, Peter Fischer & Minttu Merivirta (eds.)



Wayside Rolling Stock Monitoring and Railway Inspection in Finland

Jukka Leinonen



Detecting Passive Radar Reflectors for Automotive Applications - Aurora Arctic Challenge Mobile Road Tests 2018/19
on Muonio Intelligent Road

Chris Händel, Timo Saarenpää & Matti Autioniemi



Implications of Industry Dynamics on Strategy, Case: LoRa Tracking System in Reindeer Husbandry in Finland

Matti Vatanen, Trifon Suopela & Heikki Konttaniemi



Community-based safety in Lapland - Inclusion, services and livelihoods

Niko Niemisalo (ed.)



Process-SME Project - Exceeded Expectations

Leena Parkkila & Kyllikki Taipale-Erävala (ed.)



Thesis Guide - Master’s degree

Soili Mäkimurto-Koivumaa & Merja Koikkalainen (eds.)



Our Stories – Sharing Experiences along the Northern Lights Route

Timo Puukko (ed.)



Good practice guide - Strategies supporting social enterprises, and concrete examples of social innovation and social enterprises from sparsely populated European regions

Marlene Kohllechner-Autto, Sari Nisula & Krista Skantz (eds.)



Detecting Passive Radar Reflectors for Automotive Applications - Aurora Arctic Challenge Field Tests in 2018

Matti Autioniemi, Heikki Konttaniemi & Chris Händel



My first reindeer used for tourism – information and guidelines for the purchase decision

Veikko Maijala & Karoliina Majuri



Animal Welfare in Tourism Services - Examples and Practical Tips for the Well-being of Animals Used for Tourism in Lapland

Jaana Ojuva (ed.)



Algorithms for compression and real-time internet services of intelligent road data

Hanna Kumpula, Kari Peisa & Jouko Teeriaho



Video Pitching Toolkit

Henri Finström & Saila Puukko (editor)



Pilot: Using 2D Laser Scanner in Automated Road Monitoring - ALASCA project report

Hanna Kumpula (ed.)



State-of-the-Art Review on Automotive Radars and Passive Radar Reflectors - Arctic Challenge research project

Chris Händel, Heikki Konttaniemi, Matti Autioniemi



Creative Step-by-Step - Creative Steps 2.0 Innovation Workshop

Anitra Arkko-Saukkonen, Anželika Krastiņa



CLT – versatile, fast and ecological construction material

Antti Sirkka & Valtteri Pirttinen (ed.)



Current state and future of CLT construction in Finland - Interview study 2016

Mikko Vatanen, Antti Sirkka, Valtteri Pirttinen & Tytti Ahoranta



Energy Storage - A Missing Piece of the Puzzle for the Self-Sufficient Living

Otto Pesonen & Tuomas Alakunnas



Study on the situation and the legal framework of social entrepreneurship in Lapland, Finland

Anu Harju-Myllyaho, Marlene Kohllechner-Autto & Sari Nisula



SmartSet Virtual Studio Solution: Validation Phase Test Results

Timo Puukko & Minttu Merivirta



On-line as-built modelling - Learnings from industrial demonstrations

Teuvo Heimonen



Competence- and Problem-Based Learning at Lapland University of Applied Sciences – Student Handbook

Helena Kangastie & Päivi Mastosaari



Creative Steps 2.0 - Step by Step Guidelines to Business Idea

Anitra Arkko-Saukkonen & Anželika Krastiņa



Mine Your Own Business

Jyrki Huhtaniska & Minttu Merivirta (eds.)


Cover image of SMARTSET – User Requirements Definition  

SMARTSET – User Requirements Definition

Timo Puukko & Minttu Merivirta



Socio-economic Challenges in the Mining Industry - Four Cases from the Barents Region

Leena Viinamäki (ed.)



InnoPreneurship 21 – Creation of entrepreneurial cross-border competence in Northern Scandinavia

Soili Mäkimurto-Koivumaa, Mats Westerbeg, Pekka Kess



Distance is not a barrier to health

Paula Poikela & Sini Turpeenniemi



ArctiChildren InNet – Empowering School eHealth Model in the Barents Region

Eiri Sohlman, Catrine Kostenius, Ole Martin Johansen, Inna Ryzhkova & Minttu Merivirta (edit.)


Cover image of Support for Young Innovative Entrepreneurs  

Support for Young Innovative Entrepreneurs – Building Networks within the Barents Region

Saila Inkeri-Puukko & Minttu Merivirta (editors)


Cover image of publication INNOFUN – Creating and Piloting Digital Pitch Video Concept  

INNOFUN – Creating and Piloting Digital Pitch Video Concept

Antti Haase & Minttu Merivirta (editors)


Cover image of publication Young Innovative Entrepreneurs project study  

Support – A Vital Tool for Young Innovative Entrepreneurs in the Barents Region – ENPI Kolarctic “Young Innovative Entrepreneurs” project study

Anzelika Krastina


Cover image of publication Practice Future  

Practice Future – A platform for international cooperation and cross-border entrepreneurship learning

Teresa Chen, Minttu Merivirta & Galina Smirnova (eds.)


Cover image of Guidebook on cold, vibration, airborne exposures and socioeconomic influences in open pit mining  

Guidebook on cold, vibration, airborne exposures and socioeconomic influences in open pit mining

Airi Paloste & Ahti Rönkkö (edit.)


Cover image of Thesis Guide - Master´s Degrees  

Thesis Guide - Master´s Degrees

Kaarina Kantele, Veikko Kärnä, Outi Törmänen, Soili Mäkimurto-Koivumaa & Esa Jauhola


Cover image of publication: Automation System Products and Research  

Automation System Products and Research

Mikko Rintala, Jussi Sormunen, Petri Kuisma & Matti Rahkala


Cover image of user survey report Intelligent Road: Insights from Finnish Lapland  

Intelligent Road: Road User Survey Report : Insights from Finnish Lapland

Dorothee Bohn


Cover image of Guide for Student tutors  

Guide for Student tutors

Inka Hiltunen (ed.), Maria Sipilä, Päivi Saari