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pLAB - Software Engineering Laboratory

pLAB is a Software Engineering Laboratory specialized in software and measurement technologies and real-time integrated 3D visualization environments.

pLAB also offers developing services for different interest groups and support functions for companies. Apart from visualization environments pLAB also realizes lots of different kinds of solutions from web-pages to desktop software.

The goal of pLAB is to support the R&D actions and also to help the integration of education to these functions. pLAB's strong points are the comprehensive knowledge of different areas of software engineering and experience of national and international R&D -projects.

pLAB is located in Rantavitikka.



For students

Projects and training cases

pLAB offers various different kinds of project- and practicing cases for the students. Cases can be inquired from the laboratory engineer (Pertti Rauhala). In case a good case cannot be found it is possible to suggest your own project or training that can be carried out in pLAB.

The cases in training and in projects varies from simple applications to wide-ranging entirety. Subjects can be for example www pages or desktop applications. The work is carried out with appropriate programming language taking in consideration the skills of the realizer.


Students can use the computers and equipments found in pLAB for their projects and for their training. Although the doors to the laboratory are locked there is usually somebody from the staff around and reacts to a good and heavy knocking on the door.

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pLAB vision

We're a widely networked, international software engineering laboratory that has a comprehensive knowledge of R&D functions. We co-operate with other laboratories of RAMK and support them with our high quality software services. We also provide students with the opportunity to further their skill in real working life environment and R&D -projects.

pLAB values

Our goal is to support the education with our know -how

  • We solve the challenges involved with the integration of education and R&D
  • We support the students worklife- and problem based learning in R&D -environment.
  • We involve the students in our functions and in the development of the laboratory

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