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Simulation training and RDI

Simulation learning

The diverse offerings of Simulation and Virtual Centre ENVI facilitate various learning situations and practical trials:

  • Human patient simulators
  • Standardised patients
  • Virtual reality methods (VR)
  • Task trainer tools
  • Computer-based simulations
  • New welfare technology devices and applications

We operate flexibly both at the centre and in other operating environments.

  • In-centre simulation
  • In-situ simulation

We build training contents with a student/client-oriented approach in collaboration with the party ordering the training.

Our training is based on the principles of collaborative knowledge creation and problem-based learning. We strive to integrate simulations as a part of the training contents in accordance with the PBLS model.

We provide flexible service, and different options are easily negotiable:

  • Renting of simulators
  • Renting of facilities
  • Simulator + simulator operator
  • Teacher + simulator operator


Research, development and innovation activities

Simulation and Virtual Centre ENVI is actively involved in various projects in the social services and health care sector.

Simulations can be utilised as a part of research and development activities in various operating environments.

Testing and Living Lab

Simulation and Virtual Centre ENVI offers a safe platform for testing new technology and prototypes in a realistic operating environment.

Students can help test product usability, enabling us to obtain plenty of user experience and feedback on new products within a short period of time. This information can be used to support, for example, rational procurement decisions.

We test new welfare technologies with an open mind and are happy to help support health care units with their procurement processes and development projects.