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Material usability research

Material usability research group apply material and production technology for the metal firms product development problems solution and training.

Our areas of expertise are

  • stainless steels as well as ultra high strength structure, wear and protection steels
  • cutting, attaching, molding and finishing
  • new production technologies, production improving
  • various testings and measurements; mechanical characteristics, impact strength, damage surveys, deformability examination, and so on.
    •testing related tool and sample preparation
  • 3D reverse-engineering, 3D designing, FEM-modeling of molding
  • prototype manufacturing, 3D hydrid laser welding, welding machines and instructions, high pressure molding

Regarding stainless steel our cooperation with the Outokumpu’s Tornio research center helps in measuring our skills level. Our cooperation with Rautaruukki’s Raahe and Hämeenlinna research centers in turn ensure the same for ultra high strength structure and wear steels.

We work closely with companies amongst other things through TEKES and EAKR financed public applied research projects and also as direct assignments.


Tel. +358 50 461 2319

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