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Development environments offer both study arenas for our students and special facilities for our partner companies to develop their operations, business, processes and products.

Measurement, analysis, research, product development and other development tasks targeted for business life are usually implemented in our development environments.

For students, the development environments are practical, hands-on learning environments where they are able to perform practical exercises, projects and theses related to their studies.

A development environment can be a physical space, for example a special laboratory, or a network of experts, independent of location, which has its own area of expertise and operating model.

There are already twenty advanced development environments.

Our passion is to continuously develop the existing environments and to create new ones.

Development environments of the Technology and Natural Resources sector

Development environments of the Tourism and travel sector


Development environments of the Business, ICT and Culture sector



Development environments of Social Services, Health and Sports sector

  • Wellness Pharmacy, Rovaniemi
  • Wellness Station, Kemi
  • Sports Academy of Lapland
  • Simulation and Virtual Centre ENVI
  • Simulation and Development Environment SKY
  • Health and Wellness Vehicle ONNI
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