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Succeeding because of the conditions, not in spite of them.

Lapland University of Applied Sciences conducts applied research, development and innovation activities that serve and benefit the region through creating competitive advantage for companies and other organisations, and developing better practices and processes.

Our personnel form a team where deep knowledge of basic research is combined with extensive experience in business life. We work in close cooperation with our partners, who include local actors as well as national and international institutes of higher education, companies, public administrations and actors in the third sector.

We are very proud of our students. They are engaged in projects, as well as in planning and production of services, naturally under supervision of teachers and other experts. Various assignments, authors of theses, and internships are also great ways to become familiar with and find just the right kinds of future employees. Our graduates form an active Alumninetwork that offer important information directly from working life.

Lapland University of Applied Sciences offers a variety of services and cooperation possibilities.

Our service palette covers training services, short term development assignments as well as R&D projects.


Forms of co-operation with companies and other organisations


For further information, please contact Ms Riitta Alajärvi-Kauppi,
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We are cold. We are hot.

We shape, we create and let inspiration carry us forward.

We choose the tools that work best for us.

We let information flow because together we are more.

We walk the paths that provide the best access to learning.

We have the Nordic Factor.

Our international networks in R&D

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EPSI – The European platform for Sport Innovation
EUF - European University Foundation
EARMA - European Association of Research Managers and Administrators
EIP AHA - Active and Healthy Ageing
EAS - European Athlete Student
ARTEMIS-IA (European Technology Platform)
ERIAFF - Forested Regions

uArctic Thematic Networks
uArctic Safety and Security - Tourism Safety
uArctic Arctic Engineering
uArctic Social Work
uArctic Sustainable Arts and Desing (ASAD)
uArctic Northern Nursing Education
uArctic Managing SMEs in the North

Industrial modernisation S3 platforms
Digitalisation and Safety for Tourism
Social economy