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Traineeship in Lapland UAS - Greetings from Italy!


Lapland University of Applied Sciences is hosting a visitor from Rome. Our quest name is Federico Palumbo, a trainee from Italy.

Federico’s home university is "Foro Italico" in Rome. The "Foro Italico" university is devoted to sport science. Federico arrived in Rovaniemi on 14 August and started traineeship on 15/08.

Federico decided to come to Lapland University of Applied Sciences because he likes the Finnish teaching method that is based on the idea of student independence and skills-based curriculum. Other attractiveness factor is Finnish nature! Federico praises the landscape around his studies as wonderful.

Federico stays with the Finnish landscape for six months, which means that he becomes familiar with various seasons that Lapland provides. In Lapland University of Applied Sciences Federico has various tasks. First, he is doing a practical training with several courses of judo (children and teenagers) and he is writing a review about AMID project (Athletic Migration in Dual Career) that will be his final exam at "Foro Italico" University. Secondly, he is implementing a course regarding human in cold. Thirdly, he has many kinds of support tasks linked with the AMiD project.

Federico has met many people during the orientation week and has made friendships with exchange students and tutors of Lapland University of Applied Sciences. He gets along well with local teachers and colleagues.

The tutors of Lapland University of Applied Sciences support the integration for the exchange students. The tutors are available to help the exchange students about everything (studies, practicalities and leisure). Every Thursday there is a tutor park where exchange students can come and ask questions or get help from tutors. In the end, once at semester they organize a trip for exchange students!

Photo: Federico Palumbo from University of Rome and Niko Niemisalo, staff of Lapland University of Applied Sciences

International and Multicultural Fair 29 Nov 2018 - Demonstration of Competences and Intercultural Teamwork


The annual International and Multicultural Fair took place again on the 29th of November 2018 in the Rantavitikka Campus main lobby. As usual, the Fair was organized by the International Business (IB) first year students.

The IB18 group was represented this year by fourteen students from Russia, China, Bangladesh, Nepal, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Mali, Zambia and Finland. The Fair, which is part of the curriculum in International Business, involves preparations in theory and practice with a combination of contact lessons and independent study worth five credits.

The general objectives of the study unit are for the students to become familiar with various cross-cultural theories, principles and elements of intercultural communication, and primarily international teamwork. These theoretical subjects in the form of workshops, excursions and lectures prepare the students to critically understand cultural differences and the individuals behind the cultures, to work as team and as the ultimate result to implement an event together.

The International and Multicultural Fair also provides the first year IB students with an environment and occasion to demonstrate their oral and written English language competence as part of their studies in the overlapping English at Work study unit.

During the Fair day the organizing group IB18S showcased the cultures of their national countries in multiple ways featuring the theme of business etiquette around the world. A relevant topic in both global and glocal context.


The beautiful brochures about good business manners in respective countries, the skillful DIY deco in the lobby, and the interesting artifacts, self-crafted flags, ornaments, and photos on the country stands attracted a fair amount of passers-by to pop in, to ask questions or just to have a peek.





Several nursing, forestry and business students had an integrated English language or multicultural assignment to be completed in the Fair.

The organizing group of the Fair revealed and shared their talents through music performances, inspirational speeches and enlightening presentations. Each individual contributed to the relaxed and international atmosphere of the Fair enabling entwining of English language learning, multicultural skills, and perhaps most importantly encounters between Finnish and foreign students. This is something that is constantly mentioned as a development need in the feedback of both national and international students.

Students seem to want to have more study related opportunities to get to know each other and share their knowledge and skills.

The International and Multicultural Fair, featuring business etiquette around the world 2018, was a success in many ways and the IB18S received merely positive feedback for their efforts and energetic presence.

The following day the group gathered to a “debriefing” session over a cup of coffee in the campus cafeteria. In the discussions and reflections it became evident that the students had learnt even more than they had initially expected. The challenging event planning process that had started three months earlier had taught the individual students above all about teamwork and cultural diversity, resilience and learning by doing together.

The group had also gained a fair amount of knowhow on event planning and marketing and they had learnt the ABC’s of organizing an event. Most of all they had learnt how to work as a group. Despite the fact that they all came from different backgrounds, they had found themselves being determined and pursuing towards a common goal.

According to the students, it will certainly be useful to have events like this every year. In their opinion, because of the International and Multicultural Fair, they became closer to each other and stronger as a group. All objectives in the curriculum were met with flying colours. Learning happened and competences were demonstrated spiced with some excellent team spirit, a lot of laughs, and fun.

Congrats and thanks go to Nelli, Halsey, Eric, Kennedy, Maria, Vart, Mark, Alex, Long, Niia, Nissan, Nassira, Sushma, and Sewon for making the Fair happen and for having an ever so positive attitude towards learning and life even in the midst of darkness and ice outside.

The joint event report that the group wrote as a collaborative writing task to wrap up the entire semester, served as a source of information and feedback to even further develop events like this to happen more often. The advice and experiences that the group reported will be appreciated as hopefully a new group sets to make the International and Multicultural Fair happen again in 2019.

A direct quote from the IB18S group to their future IB peers seems appropriate here:

“Dear future IB students,
It is a pleasure for us to share our experience with you and give practical advice. First of all, it is important to mention that you do not have to be perfect. Learn from your mistakes and be persistent. You should always remember to respect your teachers and set deadlines. Work as a group and divide responsibilities and tasks equally. Do not forget that time goes past faster than you can even imagine, so do everything in advance, not the day before. For us this is only the beginning of our journey and you will hear more about us in the future.” (students from IB18S)



Taina Liu

Graduation behind the corner


Today on 2 June, four semesters have passed since I started my studies with DPT13. A new city to live in, my first third-level education and many, many new faces. I remember I was so excited to start studying tourism, especially in English and in an international environment.

Ulkomailla.JPGMy name is Tanja and I am a 23-year-old native Lappish woman from a small village not that far away from Rovaniemi, from the beautiful Tornio Valley beside the Swedish border. They say that the hospitality comes along with traditions of the region where I was born and raised during my childhood. My mom and grandmother have also worked in the same field, hospitality, so I guess it’s something important to me because of that as well. When we are thinking about it from these angles, it was a natural choice for me to apply for a school of Tourism and Hospitality Management.

We were the first group doing certain kinds of studies or we tested new study methods. It was both challenging of course for us and especially for teachers but also very rewarding. It also tells something about the practices of Lapland University of Applied Sciences. At least they do not stick with the old grey methods and dusty books lying in the corners of the library but they are always designing something new.

We had the pleasure to learn and practise our skills in the real life context. Probably SantaPark and Arctic Design Week have stayed in my mind best of all these projects where we had a commissioner involved in the study unit. Product development and experience design for SantaPark’s new Käpylehmä accommodation concept was really interesting and it was great to be able to be part of it. Arctic Design Week which gathers stakeholders from different levels – University of Lapland, City of Rovaniemi, Pilke House, Arktikum, Korundi and Rovaniemi Development Ltd for instance – was really a fascinating experience where we learnt networking and project managerial skills. We did our best for the development of it and it was a real learning situation.


I have been abroad during my studies all in all three times. During my Basic Training I was in Germany, in a small family-owned wellness hotel in a fairy tale kind of Alp village in the border of Austria and from there I flew almost straight to the other side of the world, the United States of America. In Missouri, there was a town called Cape Girardeau, where I spent four months in total doing business studies, making new friends from all over the world and getting valuable life experiences. I really got so much out of this journey and I warmly recommend everybody to go out there and see the world. Then there was a summer a year ago that I spent in London with a tour operator ScanAdventures and accomplished the Advanced Training. The real life experience with working in a tourism company like that widened my professional perspective more than ever during the studies.

All in all, I’m leaving behind me my studies with DPT13 with very nostalgic, warm and grateful feelings. I believe all of us have overcome ourselves, being excited about cool projects and events we have had the pleasure to be part of. I am closing the door of the school with bright mind and the pack bag filled with valuable skills and knowledge: so many nice experiences, new people in my life, I believe lifetime friendships, much of personal growth and career opportunities. In short, that was what my studies were about. I wish you all nice summer as well as good luck and bright mind if you are going for tourism studies!

Best wishes

Tanja <3


Studying Tourism in the magical and unique city of Rovaniemi



Heippa! “University in Lapland” sounds quite mysterious and cold, doesn’t it? For me, Lapland is associated with “The Snow Queen”, a fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen where a girl, Gerda, crosses this “glorious place” on a reindeer. Yes, this is a home of such pretty animals like reindeer! Yes, Rovaniemi is the town located right on the Arctic Circle! Seeing the contrast between a highly active student life and immovable snow fields, warm friendly atmosphere and cold nights with northern lights, the Rovaniemi city becomes something unique for you!

Elizaveta Ambartsumova02.jpg

To study tourism at Lapland UAS is the best option for those who are looking for practical training in this field and job opportunities as well. There are many local companies the university has connections with. Most of my friends were able to find a job in the tourism industry during our Christmas holidays for instance.

The study process is really engaging and quite challenging. There are a lot of group projects that help you to develop skills needed when working in a multicultural team. The teachers have relevant experience in the tourism field and always inspire their students to improve their results and think of new, innovative ways. I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that students can send feedback about their studies after each course. On the university campus there is a comfort zone especially equipped for independent studies or just for resting.

Elizaveta Ambartsumova03.jpg

In Lapland UAS there are student organizations you can join and which are truly working for students. For example, at the beginning of our studies, the Rotko team arranged a competition in the medieval style. We had fun and this event brought our classmates together.

Finally, Lapland UAS is a great place for people who are tired of crowded, noisy cities and pollution. You don’t need to go far away to enjoy the nature and picturesque landscapes because it is all around here!

Elizaveta Ambartsumova04.jpg

-Elizaveta Ambartsumova-

Arctic Business Dating


Arctic Business Dating or Napalaakson Yritystreffit was held on 23th of November 2016 in Lapland University of Applied Sciences in Jokiväylä.

The event started at 10 o’clock with welcoming speeches by Leena Alalääkkölä, Kaisa Lammi, Katarína Hollá and Leena Svanberg.

During the morning part, there was International Fair running in the main hall, organized and prepared by international 1st year students of International Business program. They had prepared stands where they were presenting their countries, altogether it was 9 different countries – Finland, China, Vietnam, Kyrgyzstan, Iran/Azerbaijan, Hungary, Russia, United Kingdom and Spain. Their stands were really interesting and there was many different things to see what most of us didn’t even have an idea about!


In Borealis Auditorium were at the same time presented pitches by Napalaakso enterprises. After that students from Napalaakso enterprises visited International Business students at their stands, read their brochures, asked some questions and finally got to know 9 different cultures within such a short time.


In the afternoon students had a chance to listen to very interesting entrepreneurial stories. First speaker was Juha Eskelinen who was talking about his famous company located in Rovaniemi – CafeBar21. Second speaker was Olli Huotari who talked about his success story with company Mandragora. The third speech was about Nutmegger PR by Rob Patterson which was really interesting to listen for every student who was present.
The next on the program was Arctic Business Dating which aim was to get together Finnish students with International students of Lapland UAS. The program was created by IB students (Raivis Aire and Katarína Hollá) and consisted of Ice-breaking activities, Arctic freeze challenge and in general activities which made everyone get to know each other and most importantly laugh and have fun!

Innovate or Die!- Innovation competition


Innovate or die! is an innovation competition for students in higher education, where students from different study areas generate new, out of the box solutions for the clients’ business challenge.

The Lapland University of Applied Science had 2 teams from Tornio campus and 1 team from Rovaniemi campus there - students of International business - Katarína Hollá, An Tran, Sahand Arefi Oskui, Dilxat Polat and Matti Hämäläinen. The competition took place in Jämsä, Himos on 17th-18th of November 2016.
For the Rovaniemi team, the journey started already on Wednesday 16th of November when they left Rovaniemi and arrived in Tornio in late hours. At 5am on Thursday morning all 3 teams met and left Tornio together with the coach - Joonas Koivumaa. After almost 8 hours long ride from Tornio, the bus arrived in Himos and Lapland UAS teams were ready to start the competition!


After introduction speeches, teams received their cases. Our team of IB students received a case of Helsingin Sanomat when they needed to create a new paid digital concept for this famous newspaper to attract more young people. Everyone had only 24 hours to solve this case and they did it really well! By creating and application with multiple interesting features, creating pitch, practicing it and finally on Friday afternoon presenting it they did a great job! Even the Helsingin Sanomat representative said that it is one brilliant idea which has a future.



After the pitches, winners were chosen and unfortunately none of our teams were part of them. Even though they didn’t become winners of the competition, they became winners for themselves.
Being able to create such amazing ideas in such a short time is a great ability to have and everyone should be proud of themselves for taking part in this competition and gaining valuable experiences for their future life.

Author: Katarína Hollá
Photos: An Tran

Social Gatherings - Good therapy for loneliness amongst international students


heath-nhandara nursing.jpg

As an international student in a foreign land, loneliness can cripple into one’s life. One can start to miss family members, friends, former classmates, colleagues and comrades in different spheres of one’s life.

Here at Lapland University of Applied Sciences, as international students we device means and ways of making every international student to feel at home and be able to carry on with studies without feeling being lonely.

We organize activities mostly during weekends as a way of bringing each and everyone one of us closer to each other. Cultural Exchange is a key area in this piece.

In cultural exchange, we can have cultural evening, where international students can be asked to bring some food from their home country. We eat together, enjoying music. It’s a good platform to make new friendships and relaxing your mind from hectic schedules we sometimes have with school.

These social gatherings unite us as a community building friendships and togetherness which an important tool, especially in this ever changing world. It brings up the idea of teamwork, team spirit and a foster a cluster which makes it easier to survive in a foreign land.


Heath Nhandara, 3rd Year, Bachelor of Health Care, Nursing Science

Living the Dream


Hello readers, my name is Zun and I am a second year nursing student in Lapland UAS, Kemi. Life in Kemi is easy going. People are friendly. I heard that Finnish people are shy but they are not that shy, at least after you start talking to them, they will answer and be friendly. I like the peaceful way of life here in Kemi and also Finland itself.

Studying in the Lapland University of Applied Sciences is awesome. We have mostly good teachers and subjects. Also we have good equipment. A lot of material and studying done at home using Moodle. Moodle is an online service in internet for studying. Soon I’m going to start my practical training at Kemi’s Hospital and I’m very excited about it. I hope I will get a lot more knowledge about nursing.
Dung Pham3.JPG
Photo 1: Me in Snow Castle

Here in Kemi, around from January to April, you can visit Snow Castle - the one and only. Also, Northern Lights are awesome, everyone should see those at least 100 times for 4 years of studying here. I have tried also ice fishing, it’s quite boring when it’s hard to get big fish but still an experience. Maybe the one-in-the-lifetime experience will be the low temperature and sauna and going outside where is -30Celsius after sauna that is +100Celsius.
Dung Pham2.JPG
Photo 2: Zun and friends in ice fishing
Dung Pham.JPG
Photo 3: Zun caught 1 fish

The Finnish language is very hard. But you will start to love it after some hard studying. I have been studying Finnish for one year now and I can understand some and also speak some but I still have a lot to learn. I have lost my motivation to study Finnish for couple of times but still I’m working for it and soon I will master it. Trust me, when you are exposed to the language, you will see it is one of the loveliest language on the planet earth.

Words by Zun Pham – nursing student

Why do I enjoy studying in Lapland UAS?



I’m Jana and currently I study BIT or Business Information Technology in Lapland UAS.  

When I started to study in Finland I noticed some differences between Russian and Finnish education systems, and therefore I would like to share some of them with you.

#1 jana.ladygina.jpgTEAM WORK & PRESENTATIONS

Since there are many international students from China, the USA, France, Hungary, Vietnam, Russia, Ukraine, Bangladesh, Nepal, Iran, Pakistan, Germany, we have to learn how to collaborate with each other while working on group assignments. Despite the fact that all students are from diverse cultures, we definitely have some things in common. I have also noticed, that understanding is the most crucial thing in international environment. I really enjoy using English on a daily basis, making friends from other countries and studying in an international team as well.


Learning in Lapland UAS is NOT about sitting in the class and listening lectures. It is completely opposite. You need to be active and be ready to make a team in the class and start working on a task. Teachers are not for controlling you, what you are doing in the class, but teachers are present in the class in order to give you an assistance and advice. If you want to give the feedback concerning a course or if you have some new ideas regarding assignments, you are always welcome to discuss them with teachers.
Lapland UAS offers students to take some additional courses during a study semester or even some summer courses and study REMOTELY. I have never heard about this system when I studied in Russia, so it was something new for me. This summer I took three summer courses: “Culture Connected Customer Service”, “Finnish language”, “Linux Server Installation and Configuration” and I got some extra credits. Basically, online virtual meetings were hold via i-Linc (virtual classroom software) and all assignments were to be done remotely and submitted before the due date. This way of studying is new for me, and who knows may be soon it will be more widespread all around the world.


Teachers do not try to find students whom they like more or less, since they treat all students equally. Grades depend on team work assignments, amount of assignments that are to be submitted individually before the deadline and sometimes exams. Moreover, teachers in the school are ready to assist you if it is needed and most of them are reachable via school email.


I also want you to know that students have parties and get together events in Tornio, they do not just study!
Generally, I can say that the huge difference between Russian and Finnish education systems is that in Finland students are enthusiastically excepted to participate in learning process and here learning is based on practicing.

If you want to hear some more stories from my experience studying in Lapland UAS in BIT faculty, please contact me and I would be happy to share them! 

Jana Ladygina,
Business Information Technology

Exchange student from China


huang xiaoqin.jpg

Hello my name is Huang Xiaoqin. I am an exchange student from China. I study BIT in Lapland UAS now. Since I studied here I have made a lot of friends with different culture and they tell me many interesting things that I have ever heard. Before I come here, I was worry about language gap. I was afraid of that I cannot express own ideas clearly and follow classmates and teachers completely. However, it is actually fault. Everyone care my ideas and be fond of helping me. I need not worry about the problems of study and life.

huang xiaoqin2.jpg

The scenery around Lapland UAS is so beautiful. I enjoy to take pictures with my friends here.

huang xiaoqin4.jpg

On this Halloween, Student Union organized a party for all of us International Students. We dressed up to scare other else, at the end of party we have chosen out the most scary one.

Most homework is required to work with other students. It is a good way to learn how to work with individuals well. In another hand, we can gain different ideas from group members with different culture backgrounds.

huang xiaoqin7.jpg

Before Christmas Vocation, School tutor organized us to visit Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi. I experienced a different Finnish culture and tasted the local food in there. I believe I enjoy this nordic ambience.

I really like the teaching methods of Lapland UAS, it mainly organizes students work together, not only let students learn the knowledge but also show them how to work in a team. In the future, when we graduate from university, we have to work with different colleagues. This is the reason why I think it is good to pick up this skill in the school. Many outdoor activities are also help us to care our life and enjoy it. School life is not only about learning knowledge from teachers, it also about learning from our life and schoolmates. At Lapland UAS, you should not worry you cannot follow the life here. In general, Lapland UAS staffs take care of their students very much. They are very warm and friendly, so you can ask them any questions that you want to know.

huang xiaoqin8.jpg

If you want to become a Lapland UAS student, you can get more information on our school website.

Beast regards,
Huang Xiaoqin, a exchange student from China

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