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Kuksajaiset - Time Machine


Kuksajaiset is a long history event where new students compete in groups against other groups in their study field. Since the Covid-19 event has been suspended for two years, students union Rotko offered an opportunity to continuing students to participate in the event together. This year's theme was time machine, and student tutors guided their group through the race. The event was held on 23rd September, with freshmen taking part in a day race from 12am to 5pm. Lapland UAS also prepared two coaches for new students from Kemi and Tornio campus to Rovaniemi. Continuing students' evening race was from 6pm to 9pm, with an after party started at 10pm at Half Moon Night Club.

On a sunny and cool Friday in Autumn, exchange students from Kemi and Rovaniemi formed a team Erasmus to participate Kuksajaiset day race and compete with other teams. The race was held around the Kemijoki river. There were 15 checkpoints in total. Each checkpoint had a task and we needed to try our best to gain high scores. The tasks were, for example, making choreography by using the song ROTKO and guessing songs. Teamwork is the most important at every checkpoint as we have to cooperate with teammates to finish the task. Each checkpoint is scored based on the group’s game completion, team spirit, and 'bribes', and the top three scoring teams are rewarded.

Even though Rovaniemi and Kemi exchange students had not met before, we guided them as student tutors to find the checkpoints, which brought us to get to know and get along with each other. We also took some photos of exchange students when they visited checkpoints participating in the games. No matter if we win or lose, we had a wonderful day and everyone had a valuable memory in their life.

Here are the highlights of exchange students participating in the games.

Exchange students in Kuksajaiset

Echange students in Kuksajaiset