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Developing Sustainable Nature-Based Luxury Tourism Products During the International Intensive Week in Rovaniemi


Tourism students participated in an international project at the beginning of April. The project’s aim was to develop sustainable nature-based luxury services for tourism companies which are operating in Rovaniemi. This year our commissioners were Arctic Treehouse Hotel, Beyond Arctic and Wild About Lapland. In addition to Lapland University of Applied Sciences, students from Breda and Kempten University of Applied Sciences participated in the project as well.

Programme of the international intensive week

The intensive week started on Tuesday with a Get-together evening which was arranged in Kansan Pubi. The students got the opportunity to get to know their group members before they started to work on the project.

Picture of student playing
Picture 1. Get-together. Picture by Petra Paloniemi

On Wednesday we walked together with the students to the Campus where they officially started working on the project. The teachers gave short lectures related to product development before they gave instructions for the students what they needed to do next. The student assistants prepared coffee and snacks to make sure that the students had enough energy during the day. Later on, we went to Jyrhämän laavu to grill some sausages and enjoy fresh air with some hot juice.

Three pictures of  the student event
Picture 2. Kick off and barbecue at Jyrhämänlaavu Picture 2 Petra Paloniemi, 3 and 4 Magdalena Haag.


FAM-trip day: Getting to know our commissioners!

On Thursday we started our day in Arktikum where we were given a lecture by Ilona Mettiäinen and had lunch there as well. After that, we visited the commissioners and Arctic Reindeer Farm where the students learned about reindeer husbandry in Finnish Lapland. We also had a chance to feed reindeer which was a nice experience. Wild About Lapland took the students to nature where they tried ice fishing and sliding snowshoeing. After the snow activities the students grilled sausages and enjoyed hot chocolate by fire. I think the FAM-trip day was everyone’s favourite day during the intensive week.

Students at the event
Picture 3. Moments from FAM-trip Picture 5 Magdalena Haag, 6 Teija Tekoniemi-Selkälä and 7 Julia Vuollet.

On Friday the students returned to the Campus and started to build prototypes for their designs. In the evening we gathered in Uitto Pub where we hung out and played card games together.

On Saturday afternoon the students went to the city centre and Santa Claus Village to test their prototypes. They collected a lot of feedback from tourists and locals for their designs.

Students testing prototypes
Picture 4. Testing prototypes Pictures Petra Paloniemi.


On Sunday the students had a day off. Many of them wanted to explore Lapland during their visit and rented a car for that. We went bowling and hiked on top of Ounasvaara to see the sunset later on that day.

Farewell dinner and special guest

The final day arrived on Monday. The groups presented their ideas for the commissioners and teachers. After the presentations and feedback, we celebrated the end of intensive week. In the evening we went to final dinner at Restaurant Rakas where we enjoyed a delicious three-course meal. The students received their diplomas and took a picture with our special guest, Santa Claus.

Students at the event
Picture 5. Presentation day and final dinner Picture 10, 11 Magdalena Haag, 12 Petra Paloniemi.


The intensive week was intensive for all but also rewarding. The students performed excellently in teams under great pressure and supported each other. I think it is amazing that our school co-operates with different institutions around the world and supports local entrepreneurs. This experience was certainly memorable for everyone.

Written by student assistant and 3rd-year tourism student Julia Vuollet