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Weber State University students and staff visit to Lapland UAS


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Weber State University students from Utah visited Lapland UAS as a part of their communication studies.

On Monday 15th of May we had the pleasure to welcome 22 students and two professors from Weber State University to visit Lapland UAS Rovaniemi Campus. The Weber State University locates in city of Ogden, Utah, United States of America. Our day consisted mostly of different presentation from our staff and students. After each presentation, there was an opportunity to ask questions related to the topic. One of the main objectives of the visit was for the students to learn about Finnish education system and student life in Finland.

Our day started with presentation from Mari Putaansuu the Head of International Affairs. Her presentation was about Lapland UAS and Finnish Education system. After the presentation and questions our international service staff gave a little presentation of our campuses Rovaniemi, Kemi and Tornio. When presentations were done, it was time for campus tour.

After the campus tour, we had a school lunch with our visitors. After lunch break, we had the pleasure to have a presentation about ’’Climate Crisis - Why Sustainable Investments for mitigation and adaptation need to be done now!’’. The present was given by Adrian Braun who is a Researcher in the University of Lapland.

Seven students from Lapland UAS were also prepared presentations from different subjects. The topics were:
• Laura – Students union activities and student life around ROTKO
• Sirpa – Student life in Finland
• Ismo - His own study field, ISA activities, Finnish nature
• Klara, Anna, Eneja – Their experience in studying at Lapland UAS as an exchange student and how did they find living and studying here.

After every presentation there was time for questions and talk around the topic. Our day together ended with a coffee and tee with some apple pie in the restaurant. During the coffee break we had good and active conversations about Finnish culture and climate acts.

One other main goal set for the visit was for the students to get to know more about the climate acts against climate crisis in Finland. Most of the students studied communication in their home university and the visit was part of their study course. Students had cameras and voice recorders with them and they captured the presentations for a video project they are going to make about the visit. They also made couple small video interviews from Lapland UAS students about their climate acts and thoughts about it.

Sirpa Paakkola, Lapland UAS student and trainee at the international services