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Hello, all the new fellow students and welcome to study in Lapland UAS!


In summer 2015, I was in the same situation as you probably are right now. I got accepted to study the degree programme in tourism, into a city where I had never been before. It was the result of a random idea I got while the application period was running. I felt excited and worried at the same time about how everything would work out and how I can find an apartment on the other side of Finland, whether I will make friends and if I will manage to study in a different language. For two weeks, I was wondering if I should even accept my study place or not.

emmi_edit.jpgAfter I got the courage to take on and step into unknown, I started looking for an apartment from Rovaniemi. I sent my application to DAS and after couple weeks, I got an apartment from Kuntotie. I recommend you to send an application to DAS as soon as possible and don’t to be choosy about the area, since places in Rovaniemi are all accessible. Also, it is much easier to start searching for a new apartment after you have already settled down in here.

When I came, the first week in school was orientation and getting to know all the group members. Teachers and tutors taught us everything from the beginning: How to use the school applications like Moodle and SoleOps, where to find library and other basic things. They also organized some nice activities outside the school.

Before my studies here, I was shy while speaking English and I doubted if my skills would be enough. Those thoughts proved to be wrong. The school made me use it, I developed my language skills in a short period of time. So, if you worry about the same thing as I did, that is unnecessary. You got accepted, so your skills are enough. You don’t have to be perfect and making mistakes is okay.

When it comes to studying in an international group, it has been interesting and really teaching. Our cultures differ from each other a lot quite often and it is impossible to avoid misunderstandings and collisions between each other, but it really makes you work differently, find new solutions and adapt to these different cultures. In an international group, people are strangers to each other and they come from further places than Lapland, so it is pretty easy to make friends because everyone is in the same situation.

Getting used to the studies was very easy for me. It did demand a lot of individual group work, but once you learn the system and how to prioritize your objectives, the workload doesn’t feel that heavy. What I like the most in our school, is that we don’t only have theory, we are using PBL – Problem Based Learning, which you will also soon get familiar with. Moreover, we, the DPT students, get experience in organizing events, such as the Vappu Event and the Gala. We also have training periods in real workspaces, various company visits etc.

Myself, I have really enjoyed my studies in here. It has already brought me much more than I previously expected, and the best thing is that I can have an effect myself on how much more I want to increase my knowledge. The school gives us a great chance, for example, to go abroad, and it really encourages the students to do it! I chose to take an advantage of it and this autumn semester I will spend in Austria.

I would have a piece of advice to give you, but the most important is: Come here with an open mind and a positive attitude! You will surely face some difficulties and feel homesick every once in a while, but stepping out of our comfort zone is one of the things we learn from. Use the chance the school is giving ng to you and do your assignments before the deadlines!  J

Once again, you’re warmly welcome! <3

-Emmi from DPT’15, Rovaniemi-