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How should you enrich your student life?


During three or four years of studies, it is a valuable time to explore new experiences and improve yourself.

Here are a few tips about what you can do to succeed and enrich your student life.


Finnish language and scholarship


If you are an international student from non–EU and non-EEA countries, you will need to pay tuition fees. However, in the year 2023 Lapland UAS offers scholarships for students based on their study progress and Finnish proficiency. If you pass the required level of the Finnish YKI test (Finnish proficiency exam), half the tuition fee is deducted. The school offers Finnish courses for students to learn and prepare for the exam. You need to plan whether to take the Finnish YKI test because it takes time to learn and practise. It is also useful for job applications and working in Finland in the future. You may have a higher chance of getting a job if you communicate in Finnish.

Going abroad for exchange or practical training


Practical training is a crucial process in the studies to get work experience and familiarise yourself with the workplace. You can choose to do practical training in Finland or other countries. Apart from that, you can also choose to go for an exchange. A few types of going abroad options suit your needs, such as an exchange for one semester, doing a double degree for a year, and a short-term exchange and project for one to two weeks. However, some of them have different application deadlines and processes. Therefore, it is better for you to do research and discuss with their study counsellors. You can get more information on our school’s “Going International” website or join the International Day for exchange stories, application briefings and Q&A sessions. It is a great experience to meet new people, study and work in countries which have diverse cultures.

Student on a exchange abroad

Work experience and opportunities


While study progress is a critical part of your student life, work experience is also a way to enrich it. It is possible to get a job in Lapland, especially during the winter tourism season since they need a lot of staff and employees. Moreover, the school provides positions for students, for example, social media ambassador, international student ambassador and student tutor. For instance, being an international student ambassador is to organise events for and help exchange students, host international guests of Lapland UAS, and do social media marketing. You may get experience in social media marketing, event management, teamwork etc, which can improve your skills and apply to your future workplace. Besides, you can get credits from the positions which are beneficial for your studies.

Hence, plan for your studies and do not miss any opportunities of expanding horizons. Wish you all a fruitful student life!

- Lucia, international student ambassador -