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Reindeer farm trip


On a foggy and rainy afternoon, the tutors guide the exchange students to the reindeer farm. The reindeer farm is a around 15 minutes drive distance from Lapland UAS, close to Santa Claus Village. The weather is not cold today, it just snowed a few days ago, and some roads are still covered with snow and ice.

reindeer farm visit pic The exchange students are all looking forward to going to the reindeer farm, and they are all very excited. After we arrived at the reindeer farm, the tour guide told us what to watch out for. We can feed them and touch their mouths but be careful not to touch their antlers.

A basket of reindeer’s favorite food has been prepared on the ground for us to feed them, and while we are feeding the food, one reindeer even wanted to cross the fence to eat.

After that, the tour guide took us to a room with a bonfire for us to rest, which was already heated very warmly. The guide told us that there are more than 200 000 reindeer in the whole of Lapland, all of them have owners. Each reindeer will be marked so that the owners can follow their tracks, because occasionally the reindeer will run out of the owner’ s territory and the owner needs to find them back. 

The male reindeer in this farm are work reindeer, female reindeer could not be used as work reindeer because they are smaller than male reindeer and the other reason is they will get pregnant in winter. The physical limit of the reindeer is minus 70 degrees, so that is why they are active in winter but very lazy in summer.

Anyway, we learned a lot when we visited  the reindeer farm. Then we went to the restaurant for dinner. The food was very delicious, which was reindeer meat with mashed potatoes.When we came back, the sky was already dark and started to rain lightly, and today’s trip ended very successfully. Everyone had a great time!


Reindeer farmi visit picture