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Living the Dream


Hello readers, my name is Zun and I am a second year nursing student in Lapland UAS, Kemi. Life in Kemi is easy going. People are friendly. I heard that Finnish people are shy but they are not that shy, at least after you start talking to them, they will answer and be friendly. I like the peaceful way of life here in Kemi and also Finland itself.

Studying in the Lapland University of Applied Sciences is awesome. We have mostly good teachers and subjects. Also we have good equipment. A lot of material and studying done at home using Moodle. Moodle is an online service in internet for studying. Soon I’m going to start my practical training at Kemi’s Hospital and I’m very excited about it. I hope I will get a lot more knowledge about nursing.
Dung Pham3.JPG
Photo 1: Me in Snow Castle

Here in Kemi, around from January to April, you can visit Snow Castle - the one and only. Also, Northern Lights are awesome, everyone should see those at least 100 times for 4 years of studying here. I have tried also ice fishing, it’s quite boring when it’s hard to get big fish but still an experience. Maybe the one-in-the-lifetime experience will be the low temperature and sauna and going outside where is -30Celsius after sauna that is +100Celsius.
Dung Pham2.JPG
Photo 2: Zun and friends in ice fishing
Dung Pham.JPG
Photo 3: Zun caught 1 fish

The Finnish language is very hard. But you will start to love it after some hard studying. I have been studying Finnish for one year now and I can understand some and also speak some but I still have a lot to learn. I have lost my motivation to study Finnish for couple of times but still I’m working for it and soon I will master it. Trust me, when you are exposed to the language, you will see it is one of the loveliest language on the planet earth.

Words by Zun Pham – nursing student