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Interview with Nadine (Tourism Student from 2014)


Here is the interview with Nadine, a tourism-degree student. She came here in 2014 and wants to tell us her story.

Hello, Nadine, how are you doing?  Hi, I'm ok, thank you!

So, can you tell us, where you come from? Sure, I'm originally from Petrozavodsk, the capital city of the Republic of Karelia in Russia.

How did you end up here, in Lapland UAS? I applied to the university for the first time in 2013 (back then it was RAMK), at that time, I was not accepted but I did not give up and I decided to prepare for another application period the whole year. I tried applying again and succeeded.




Was Lapland UAS familiar to you before you came here? The whole education system is completely different from my country's, so it took me some time to get used to this system. The difference was not only in the system of education, but also in the atmosphere of the class.

What subjects do you like the most? I prefer subjects that include company visits or projects, where you should plan an event. Last year, with my group (DPT'14) I organized a Vappu warm-up party. We all worked as a team and got some nice feedback. Moreover, we often visit local companies and it helps us to understand all features of tourism business in Lapland.

What kind of study methods are used in your degree program, and what methods do you find the most effective? I consider myself as a practical person, so I study more via practice. I want to say that making projects helps us not only to learn material, but also to know how to work as a team; and I'm sure, it will help in future. Each group-work we have in our program is always different from the previous one. Personally, I like when working in a group requires creativity. One of my favourite works is «Arctic – non Arctic», a photoshoot that we made with my team.

What you like the most in Lapland UAS so far? Lapland UAS gives you an opportunity to make your schedule personalized, so you can study the subjects you want. If you study in International Business, but you want to have some lectures from the Tourism program – you can do it. The same thing is with our Master Degree Program and Bachelor Degree Program. You can do your Bachelor along with having lectures from the Master Degree Program. 

Why would you recommend your degree program/ Lapland UAS to others? Why tourism? As for me, I gain knowledge from both lectures and practice. I think it helps to understand what obligations you would like to have at work in your future; or if you even would like to start your own company.

Why Lapland UAS? Here you can study in international atmosphere that helps to develop all skills that you will need for the future job. Moreover, you have an opportunity to study abroad or to have an internship outside Finland. In Lapin AMK, it doesn't take long until you consider it your home!

How do you think the graduation of DPT/Lapland UAS will help you in future employment? After 1 year of studies, I understood that I am in the right place to study, and after my graduation I will find a workplace. Now, I already have work experience in Finland and abroad (thanks to Lapin AMK), and, for me, finding a job is not gonna be a problem.

Do you think your studies here will help in your future career progress? Sometimes, I think about becoming an entrepreneur in tourism sphere. Here, I have the subjects that will help me to understand what are new trends in tourism and business market,for example, what exactly demanding customers want nowadays.

How would you describe Lapland UAS? Study environment, school in general etc… Here we have international atmosphere, we are all from different countries. We all speak several languages but communicate in English with each other. We have different events, where we meet new friends. In addition, we study each other’s cultures and bring something new to each other’s lives. So, join us be fired and iced, have Nordic factor!

Thank you, Nadine, and good luck with your studies!