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Exchange students on Ranua Zoo Trip


Exchange students and student tutors went to Ranua Zoo to see the polar bear.

On the 23rd of August, Lapland UAS exchange students and student tutors went to the Ranua zoo for the last orientation day.

We started the day with a 1-hour bus trip but since we had cheerful chatting, the time passed very quickly and we did not feel that long. After we got to Ranua, we met exchange students and student tutors from Kemi-Tornio as well. (story continues after the picture)

students at Ranua Zoo

The day was full of walking and learning about different animal species such as reindeer, owls, musk ox, moose and bears. The weather was sunny and a bit chilly. Some animals like brown bears and the Pallas’s cat were having a sunbath. However, many animals were either hiding or sleeping. It was a pity that we did not see any polar bears, but everyone is actively looking for the resting animals. There was a polar bear’ statue and you could be able to take pictures with it. You could also check what kind of bird you are based on your hands' length on the board. (Story continues after the picture)

Students visiting Ranua Zoo

There is also a coffee shop, some restaurants and souvenir shops. Quite many choices of food are provided in restaurants such as buffet lunch and pizzas. They were delicious. There were over 50 students participated and a few people also got there by their own car. Everyone enjoyed spending their time there. We spent around 3 hours sightseeing and travelled back to the Rovaniemi campus. After all everyone got back safe and no one was left behind. Most of them were satisfied with the trip, and they would like to recommend it to future students to visit here.

Students hiking in a Zoo

Pictures: Beibei Xiang