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Reindeer Farm Visit


On the 22nd of March 2022, Lapland UAS incoming team organized a visit to reindeer farm Raitola for exchange students.

The bus to the reindeer farm departed from the campus half-past three, and the drive to the reindeer farm took approximately 20 minutes. The weather for this trip was awesome – the sun was shining, and the temperature was a bit on the plus side.

Upon arrival at Raitola, exchange students got to know safety instructions for the reindeer ride, and after these instructions, they went on a reindeer ride in pairs – sleds were big enough for two. Organizers, Maria and Riikka, and international tutors, Viivi and Anastassia, got a chance to participate in this activity! (text continues after the pictures) 

Exchange students in reindeer farm

Exchange students having dinner

Exchange students

After the reindeer ride, the reindeer herder of Raitola offered warm juice and buns, and he talked more about the reindeer and about the reindeer herding. Reindeer info raised several questions within the exchange students, and he was able to answer for almost all of those, except one that many people ask – how does Santa make reindeer fly. When all questions were answered, the employee gave everyone a reindeer driver’s license, and the dinner was served. As a dinner, there was sautéed reindeer, which was delicious, and the choice of serving did not cause any surprise, since everyone had learned that the reindeer that end up in the flesh are not the same ones they had just met.

After the dinner, everyone was full and happy, and the bus back to the campus came.