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Studying Tourism in the magical and unique city of Rovaniemi



Heippa! “University in Lapland” sounds quite mysterious and cold, doesn’t it? For me, Lapland is associated with “The Snow Queen”, a fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen where a girl, Gerda, crosses this “glorious place” on a reindeer. Yes, this is a home of such pretty animals like reindeer! Yes, Rovaniemi is the town located right on the Arctic Circle! Seeing the contrast between a highly active student life and immovable snow fields, warm friendly atmosphere and cold nights with northern lights, the Rovaniemi city becomes something unique for you!

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To study tourism at Lapland UAS is the best option for those who are looking for practical training in this field and job opportunities as well. There are many local companies the university has connections with. Most of my friends were able to find a job in the tourism industry during our Christmas holidays for instance.

The study process is really engaging and quite challenging. There are a lot of group projects that help you to develop skills needed when working in a multicultural team. The teachers have relevant experience in the tourism field and always inspire their students to improve their results and think of new, innovative ways. I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that students can send feedback about their studies after each course. On the university campus there is a comfort zone especially equipped for independent studies or just for resting.

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In Lapland UAS there are student organizations you can join and which are truly working for students. For example, at the beginning of our studies, the Rotko team arranged a competition in the medieval style. We had fun and this event brought our classmates together.

Finally, Lapland UAS is a great place for people who are tired of crowded, noisy cities and pollution. You don’t need to go far away to enjoy the nature and picturesque landscapes because it is all around here!

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-Elizaveta Ambartsumova-