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Everything important is near for a nice student life


Living in Ounasvaara area provides many advantages to students.

It's not uncommon for Kuntotie student inhabitants to hear negative remarks about their location, such as "Oh, Kuntotie, it's so far to commute" or "Aw, Kuntotie is the bad area, too far from everywhere." Unavoidably, the word "far" comes up while talking about it. Kuntotie apartments, where it takes 20 minutes to bike to the university, cannot be described as handy in comparison to other apartments, particularly those in campus regions. Not to mention, it takes around half an hour to ride the bus to school in the winter. However, is living in Kuntotie a bad idea? No, the Kuntotie people benefit in many ways from their "remote" location.

Where is the Kuntotie? It is the Ounasvaara's front area, and in a twist, the Ounasvaara may be considered as the backyard of the Kuntotie people, who can take the 10-minute shortcut they are familiar with to have an evening BBQ at Laavu and a breakfast at the observation tower with a breathtaking sunrise. They can also harvest berries and mushrooms in the Ounasvaara in the summer and the early fall.

Ounasvaara picture

There are other activities available here. The neighborhood is a great place to try bowling, especially on Wednesdays when it's free for those with Wellnesspass. In addition to the adorable gym at Das 9, students can find the swimming pool, the climbing wall, skiing trails, and a skating rink in the neighborhood.

From Kuntotie, it is simple to get to the beach next to the Candle Bridge, where swimming is available all year long (in winter there is an ice swimming hole). Let's use the shortcut once more as well: One of the must-do activities in Finland is watching an ice hockey game, which is only 5 minutes away.

Ice skating picture

The Ounasrinne library, located about a kilometer east of Kuntotie, is another choice for individuals seeking a peaceful place to study besides campuses. Finally, the Kuntotie apartments are also close to the hospital; it takes 5 minutes to walk to the emergency room. We hope you never need it, but just in case.

Although Kuntotie is not the best area to catch morning lessons, it is a great place to live if you want to blend busy study with a vibrant after-school life.

- Lei Zhou -